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AstroSOLV being an astrologer-integrator platform provides users with access to Talk to Astrologers Online on Call/ Chat. One can opt from a list of top notch astrology consultants based on their ratings/reviews & sessions they have provided to previous users. Query/ Problem Area based selection is also available to choose and consult an expert for your specific life issues. Ask solutions and get predictions for your queries related to Love & Relationship, Marriages, Education, Career, Business, Job, Education and Daily life issues. AstroSOLV is a summation of consultants having different techniques to read out your future; like Vedic Astrology, Horary, Prashana, KP System, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu etc… Apart from predictions for your life-needs, users can go for their detailed horoscope chart making and get recommendations on gemstones to wear. The Horoscope Report here is detailed and precise which is prepared manually by consultants.So, what are you waiting for? Avail Astrology guidance on your fingertips from Verified and Trusted Astrologers from among the globe and have an amazing session to resolve your doubts on AstroSOLV.

Talk to astrologer on Phone

How awesome it will be to get your daily life issues to be resolved over a phone call? AstroSOLV is here with a panel of trusted astrologers to connect over a telephone call, draft your chart and provide you with guidance cum predictions for your future. Sometimes, it's not easier for users to connect on chat and few of them are not comfortable with the same also. Voice Call gives a very different and unique experience. So, in order to make your conversation more smoother AstroSOLV brings Talk to Astrologer on Phone. You can have a connection as on a normal phone call, an astrologer already having your birth details will draft your chart and make predictions. Users can have hassle free communication in order to get to the point predictions along with remedial solutions as per their horoscope/kundali. For Gem suggestions, Gemologists are also there to suggest you with proper gemstones to wear and the procedure to follow for getting better results from a particular gem. Monitoring your kundali not only explores you, it also helps astrologers guide you how you should act/behave to tackle your issues and a lot more things about people surrounding you like relatives, friends, colleagues etc. So, need not to be worried about problems, just have a visit to the AstroSOLV app or website and a quick call for proper resolution.

Online Consultation with Astrologer

AstroSOLV is here with the most effective and consolidated astrology solutions in order to provide you with the service of Online Consultation with Astrologer. Solving your Everyday Mystery! If your mind is full of plenty of questions like When Will I get married? Which Gemstone should I wear? Will I get my Job back? Get easy and quick solutions for all such queries with our handpicked

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