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Tips to boost your relationship like Ranbir & Alia

In today’s era, everyone wants to boost their relationship for a long time. Relationship, whether new or old, requires trust, love, and understanding to maintain them. Along with understanding each other, a relationship can {…}

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Interesting Facts About Earth Signs

Everyone has a different identity and different nature. According to astrology, the behavior of humans depends on their zodiac signs. There are 4 elements also – FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER. Each Zodiac Sign is {…}

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Birth Time Rectification | BTR in Vedic Astrology

Birth Time Rectification is a scientific process that depends upon pure astrological concepts. It is one of a very unique tool practiced in Vedic Astrology. This technique is majorly used to find out the {…}

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Tarot Card For Reunion | Tarot Blogs

In today’s era, many people are disturbed about his love life. Someone has a break-up, someone wants reconciliation with his Ex-partner and someone is worried about the future of his relationship. You can get {…}

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Russia Ukraine War Astrology: Who Will Win??

As we all know that currently conflicts are going on between Russia and Ukraine. The conflict between the two countries continues due to the Russian army entering the Ukrainian border; meanwhile, Ukraine has urged {…}

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Improve Good Luck & Remove Bad Luck: Simple Astrology Tips

Sometimes many of us go through very difficult phases in our life. It seems like that bad luck is just behind us and come in front of every auspicious work. Even after all the {…}

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U.P. Elections 2022 | Who will Win as per Astrology?

All the parties geared up for the UP elections to be held in March 2022 and if we look at this election with astrological viewpoint then the predictions say something very different. According to {…}

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Effects of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn | 19th December 2021

Retrogradation of Venus is always considered an important event in Vedic astrology as Venus is given major importance. Being considered an important and auspicious planet, it gives very good results and ability to strength {…}

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 – All 12 Zodiac Signs

We all are aware that the Year 2021 has been marked by problems and challenges around the world. The Year 2021 was not kind to everyone, from the global pandemic to the frequent occurrence {…}

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Ruby Gemstone: Lucky for you?

Gemstones are accepted to be a characteristic healer and are perhaps the most confided in prophetic remedy. There are various advantages of wearing a gemstone and their essence in the climate is said to {…}

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