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Transit Of Mercury in Aries: 8th April

In Vedic astrology, the transit of planets is very important. The transit of planets gives a deep impact on human life. This impact may be auspicious or inauspicious. The month of April is going {…}

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Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius | 20th June 2021

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the element of sky, luck, and happiness. Its quality is a sign of vastness, growth and expansion in a person’s horoscope and life. Jupiter represents the {…}

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Marrying a Manglik Girl or Boy?

In a native’s horoscope, Manglik Dosha is formed when Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th House. A person having this dosha in Kundli is Manglik. It is said that {…}

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Are you suffering from Shani Sade Sati?

Sade Sati is a Sankrit term; where Sade means half and Sati means Seven. According to Indian Astrology, Sade Sati is a phase in an Individual life. Being a lord of Karma, Saturn plays {…}

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Venus retrograde in Sagittarius | December 19, 2021

In astrology, Venus is considered the feminine planet. It is also associated with love, marriage, bliss, etc. If the position of it is correct in the natives’ horoscope, then the person spends his life {…}

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Solar Eclipse: 14th Dec 2020 | Effect on All Zodiac Signs

An eclipse is an astronomical event, which is not considered religiously auspicious. There are three kinds of Solar eclipses – total, partial, and annular along with a rare hybrid, which is a combination of {…}

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Saturn is benefic or malefic? Effect on all Zodiac Signs

Saturn effects i.e Saturn is malefic or benefic I am sure this question will trigger a lot of anxiety. Generally, people found saying and spreading Oh ! Saturn is always harmful. I agree Saturn {…}

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Venus Transit in Scorpio | Effects on all Zodiacs

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is considered a factor of worldly pleasures. It also shows happiness, prosperity, and love in the horoscope of the native. If Venus is strong in the native’s horoscope, {…}

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Lunar Eclipse: 30th Nov | The Astrology Behind!

During the Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are face to face, which means they are in opposition. We can see how {…}

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Jupiter Transit in Capricorn | 20th Nov 2020

Based on the Vedic Astrology principle, in this article, we have provided general predictions for Jupiter transit 2020-21 in Capricorn Sign (Guru Gochar 2020-21). Here, you will read how natural benefic Jupiter in Capricorn {…}

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