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Role of Planets in Life | Vedic Astrology

We all know that there are nine planets in the solar system which revolve around the Sun due to the presence of gravitational force. All these nine planets are worshiped in Hinduism and it {…}

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7 Chakras in our Body: Guide for Beginners

What are Chakras & Why they are important? There are seven chakras in our body also known as Centers of Energy. Our Vital Energy or what we called Prana Shakti flows through them. The {…}

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Who is your Twin Flame? Know all about

The term Twin Flame or Twin Soul, remains a very popular word today, just as there are two types of people all over the earth who believe in words like love and one who {…}

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The Five “Pillars of Spirituality” – Art of Living

In today’s modern era, most of the peoples are suffering from some kind of anxiety or depression. Most people don’t address it. But some take it seriously and why not they do so? In {…}

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3 things to consider before going for Psychic Reading

For most people, psychic reading is a method to get things understood and solve life mysteries, that no science can help detect. There are so many methods for psychic readings, from crystal balls to {…}

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An Act of Forgiveness- Act of Self Love

In the previous section, we have discussed part one of the series titles “The Power of Silence”. So, let us move to the next part which is named “The act of forgiveness”. As we {…}

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Vedic Cosmology – Conception of Lokas in the Veda

We all know right from the beginning that the universe is expanding at a massive pace. There are indeed many theories that support its existence and there are others that are discarded due to {…}

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Sixth Sense – That’s Not a Magic

As we all know that our body is made up of five key elements that are essential for our existence and survival. They are namely Nose, Ear, Eye, Skin, and Tounge. Without them, we {…}

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Colour Therapy | Chromotherapy: The Logic Behind

Colours have a profound impact on human life. Colour enhances human personality. Our life is meaningless without colours. Not only this, many ailments are treated using colours, and this method is called Colour Therapy. {…}

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