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Mangal Dosh: Symptoms And Remedies

Sometimes a person faced many problems in their life. The work being made is starting to deteriorate suddenly. The person has to face troubles from all sides. In such a situation, the person gets {…}

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Monthly Horoscope for all Zodiacs – May 2022

As soon as the new month start every person is curious to know about his upcoming time; so that many types of planning can be done in advance. In this article, we will explore {…}

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Why Marriage Breakdown even after Kundli Matching?

Whenever there is a discussion about the marriage of a person. Usually, before getting married, the horoscope of the boy and the girl has been matched. Where there is a necessity to match 18 {…}

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अप्रैल मासिक राशिफल 2022

किसी भी माह की शुरुआत होने से पहले ही हम सबके मनो में हमारे भविष्य को लेकर आशाएं और आशंकाएं उत्तपन होने लगती है|हम सब ये जानने के लिए उत्सुक हो जाते है की {…}

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April Month Horoscope 2022

We all have multiples questions and expectation before starting of every new month. We want to know what is going to happen in the upcoming month. So how could we be prepared for upcoming {…}

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Astrological Benefits:-To Wear Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is one of the gem varieties of the mineral beryl. They are highly valued stones used, in jewelry. Emerald is green in color and considered to be superior. It opens the heart chakra {…}

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Moon Can Be Malefic or Benefic? Astrology Blogs

You might be surprised to know that if you study astrology in detail then the first thing they will tell you is that moon and sun are the luminaries those sustain life on earth. {…}

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Nadi Dosha in Horoscope | Vedic Astrology Blogs

For a very long time now, marriages in India were fixed only after the ‘Kundlis’ of both the partners were matched. Vedic astrologers would use the ‘Ashta(8) Kuta Milan’ to check compatibility between the {…}

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Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Vedic Astrology

The horoscope is a mirror of the past, present and future of the native and knowledge of all things related to the person is obtained through the horoscope. Whether or not the person will {…}

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Role of Planets in Life | Vedic Astrology

We all know that there are nine planets in the solar system which revolve around the Sun due to the presence of gravitational force. All these nine planets are worshiped in Hinduism and it {…}

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