Author: Piyush Goel

An Act of Forgiveness- Act of Self Love

In the previous section, we have discussed part one of the series titles “The Power of Silence”. So, let us move to the next part which is named “The act of forgiveness”. As we {…}

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Vedic Cosmology – Conception of Lokas in the Veda

We all know right from the beginning that the universe is expanding at a massive pace. There are indeed many theories that support its existence and there are others that are discarded due to {…}

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The Power Of Silence | Make Your Mind Free of Thoughts

To begin with, today, let us go back to the time to understand some basic laws which are known to almost everyone. The very first law that comes into mind is that like poles {…}

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Most Attractive Zodiac Signs As per Astrology

We all know there are many people with different personalities, however as per Chinese zodiac they have been broadly classified into twelve signs. Out of these, some of these signs are believed to have {…}

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Hypnotism: About | How it Works and How to Hypnotise

Hypnotism is considered a very ancient tradition in Hindu mythology. However, it is not widely accepted by everyone openly as its existence is not persistent. Many people believe it is a completely superstitious and {…}

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