Tips to boost your relationship like Ranbir & Alia

Tips to boost your relationship like Ranbir & Alia

Astrology tips to boost relationship

In today’s era, everyone wants to boost their relationship for a long time. Relationship, whether new or old, requires trust, love, and understanding to maintain them. Along with understanding each other, a relationship can be made healthy by keeping some things in mind. In today’s article, we will tell some astrological tips by using these you can make your relationship long-lasting like Ranbir and Alia.

1. Make Sure What You Gifting

All of you must have given gifts to your loved ones on any special occasion. But most people will not know that the gift given by you affects your relationship. So before gifting should make sure what is good for your relationship. According to astrology, to increase love between you and your partner, gift red, pink, and yellow color on any auspicious or special day. It increases positivity in your relationship. Avoid gifting black, brown-colored anything.

2. Make Sure Your Venus Strong

In astrology, planets have special importance. Every planet in astrology is known for some work or the other. The planet Venus is known for love, romance, and happy relationship. If Venus is in a strong position, your relationship will go long-lasting. As soon as the position of Venus changes, its effect starts to reverse. You can use some simple remedies to make strong Venus.

  • You must feed the cows.
  • Must wear white-colored clothes on Friday.
  • Recite Shukra Mantra.
  • Donate rice, white clothes, and milk on Friday to any little girl.

3. Worshiping Of Lord Kamadeva

Although 33 crore deities are said to be considered in Hinduism, all these deities have their own work. Lord Kamadeva is known for love and romance. He is considered the god of love. Worshiping Kamadeva has proved to be good for a happy relationship. One should worship the Beej Mantra of Kamadeva and Rati for the sake of attraction and Charm.

4. Avoid Money Exchange

It is said that money uproots the roots of good relationships. And it is applicable to love relationships also. So avoid exchange of money with your loved once. If you do that, you may lost your relationship. Money exchange creates many issues between you and your loved one. However, it doesn’t mean that your loved one needs money and you should not help them.

Some Other Remedies You Should Try On Daily Basis

  • Women should worship Hanuman Ji by keeping the photo of Lord Ramchandra and Mother Sita, this will make your relationship much sweeter.
  • Try to welcome each other with gifts of red color, that will surely make relationships more healthier.
  • Recite Ganesh Stotra every Wednesday.
  • Always decorate a bouquet of fragrant flowers in the corner towards your head.
  • Put the idol of Lord Krishna and Radha Ji in the house.
  • If possible, keep the color of all the curtains and bedsheets pink in the house, this will surely result in remove of obstacles.
  • Fill Gangajal in a big steel vessel, put square pieces of silver and cover with a steel lid, and keep it in the house.
  • The north and east directions of the house should be kept absolutely clean. Apart from this, useless things should never be kept in this direction.
  • You both should always spend quality time with nature.

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