Mangal Dosh: Symptoms And Remedies

Mangal Dosh: Symptoms And Remedies

Manglik Dosha

Sometimes a person faced many problems in their life. The work being made is starting to deteriorate suddenly. The person has to face troubles from all sides. In such a situation, the person gets his horoscope checked, whether there is any fault in his horoscope. Because of the fault in the horoscope, the person is always surrounded by troubles. One of these defects is very famous known Mangal Dosh. Let us know about it.

Mangal Dosh

In the horoscope of a person, if the Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th or 12th House there is low mangal dosha and if positioned in 7th or 8th House High Mangal Dosha is being formed. And native with such placement are called Manglik. This defect is very inauspicious for marriage. According to astrology, Mangal Dosh creates many problems in marriage or married life.

Beliefs regarding Mangal dosh

In Vedic astrology, Mars planet has got a special place. According to astrology, Mars planet has been called the commander of all planets. It is also known as the factor of courage, energy, and strength. But when it placed in 7th or 8th House, mangal dosh is present. From the astrological point of view, Mangal Dosh has the most negative effect on marriage and married life. Due to this, there are many obstacles. There is a dispute in married life. According to religious belief, there is a possibility of legal issues, debt problems, and serious injury.

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Impacts of Mangal Dosh in Kundali

  • When Mars situated in the ascendant, the nature of the person is very aggressive, angry, and arrogant.
  • Mars being in the seventh house causes difficulties in marital relations.
  • If Mars placed in the eighth house it reduces the happiness from married life and the relationship also spoiled with the in-laws.
  • Mars in the twelfth house gives rise to difficulties in married life, lack of physical abilities, weak age, diseases, discord.

To Reduce Mangalik Dosh

According to astrologers, there is a delay in the marriage of the native if Manglik Dosha in the horoscope. To avoid the effect of Mars, chant these mantras every Tuesday. These mantras give freedom from Manglik dosh.

Prayer Mantra of Mars

''Om Dharnigarbhsambhutam, vidhyut kantisamprabha 
Kumaram Shaktihastam tam mangalam pranamamyaham''
''Om kshiti putraya vidmaye lohitangay 
dhimahi-tanno bhum: prachodayat''

Remedies to Reduce Malefic Effect of Mars

In astrology, there are multiple remedies to lower down the malefic effect of Mars. By taking these simple remedies Manglik Dosha can be control. The people who have married Manglik native, by following these remedies can make their married life happy.

  • Worship Lord Shiva.
  • Offer red-colored flowers to Shivling.
  • Donate red lentils on Tuesday. You can also donate jaggery.
  • Feed the laborers on Tuesday.
  • Recite hanuman chalisa
  • The biggest remedy for this is self-control of the person, control over ego anger.

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