Most Powerful Yogas In Astrology

Most Powerful Yogas In Astrology

Most Powerful Yoga In Astrology

According to astrology, planets, and constellations play a very important role in the life. Specific positioning of planets in the horoscope also makes a person’s fortune. In the horoscope made some Yoga which gives auspicious or inauspicious results to the person. In this article, we will explore the most powerful yogas in astrology, which play a very important role in every person’s life and gives always auspicious results.

What actually Yogas are?

Yogas are formed by the positioning of planets in the horoscope. We must check the placement of planets during the birth of natives. Apart from this, constellations are also involved in Yoga. There is a total of 27 Yogas. Out of these, the 7 Most Powerful Yogas are listed below with a few highlights:

1. Chandra Mangal Yoga

This yoga is made when Moon and Mars are situated in the same zodiac. So it is called Chandra Mangal Yoga. Mars is the symbol of courage and strength. Apart from this moon is the factor of mind. It provides coolness. Chandra Mangal Yoga is money yoga. If this yoga is present in the horoscope, the person becomes successful to earn money.

Some Other Benefits Of This Yoga:

  • Chandra Mangal Yoga gives high morale to the natives.
  • This yoga increases the creativity of the person.
  • It provides opportunities for the person to get money from courageous deeds.
  • This yoga gives strength to the person to win in every field.
  • With the formation of Moon-Mars yoga in the 10th house, the person gets success in business and promotion of employed people.

2. Gaj-Kesri Yoga

According to astrology, Gaj Kesari Yoga is also considered a very auspicious yoga. This yoga has been formed by Jupiter and Moon. Jupiter considered as an auspicious planet in astrology. On the other hand, the moon considered being a factor of mind. Apart from this, in the center of the moon, Jupiter placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house, this yoga form.

Some Other Benefits Of Yoga:

  • People get the wealth equal to the yard.
  • The person earns name and fame in other countries also.
  • This Yoga helps the person to achieve success through their minds.
  • The person gets happiness and enjoys royal pleasure.
  • Due to the effect of this yoga, the person never faces money-related issues.
  • The person gets government services and shows their demonstration in politics.

3. Laxmi Yoga

This Yoga is very rare yoga. When the lord of the ninth ascendant is placed in an exalted zodiac or is situated in his own zodiac in the horoscope, Laxmi yoga is formed. Apart from this, the lord of the house of fortune became situated in the center of his Mool Trikona Rashi, forming Lakshmi Yoga. It is also called Dhan Yoga. The grace of Goddess Lakshmi always remains on the person through Lakshmi Yoga.

Some Other Benefits Of This Yoga:

  • The person gets a good position in society.
  • The person lives a luxurious life and is mentally strong.
  • This Yoga makes the person do business abroad and makes him the owner of incomparable wealth.
  • The person born in Lakshmi Yoga is auspicious for his family.
  • Such a person enjoys all kinds of happiness in life.

4. Budhaditya Yoga

This yoga considered as the most powerful Yoga. Whenever the planet Sun and Mercury jointly situated in the same house, it results in the formation of Budhaditya Yoga. It is a life-changing Yoga that provides the native with intelligence due to the planet Mercury being influenced by the infinitely bright light of the Sun. Due to the presence of this yoga in the horoscope, there is no shortage of wealth, money, and happiness in his life.

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Some Other Benefits Of This Yoga:

  • Under the influence of this auspicious yoga, the person becomes very intelligent, and clever.
  • The person has no dearth of wealth in his life and he gets position, prestige, and respect.
  • The person gains wealth and prestige from art, culture, and creativity.
  • A person becomes a great astrologer, doctor, judge when this yoga is present in the native’s horoscope.

5. Akhanda Samrajya Yoga

However many yogas are present in astrology for wealth, happiness, and prosperity. One of these yogas is Akhanda Samrajya Yoga in Astrology. This Yoga is very fruitful and effective. This yoga is formed only in those horoscopes that have a fixed ascendant ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius ). Apart from this, this yoga is formed when Jupiter is lord of the 2nd, 5th, and 11th houses. In the horoscope, the effect of this yoga is present to be up to 75 years.

Some Other Benefits Of this Yoga:

  • The person never feels a shortage of money.
  • Due to this yoga, the person enjoys all kinds of comforts.
  • The person also gets the ancestral property, of which he also becomes the sole owner.
  • Due to the effects of this yoga, the person achieves tremendous success in business and career.
  • Such people of this yoga is made a successful leader.
  • With the effect of this yoga, the person gets a good child.
  • In which horoscope this yoga is present, all other bad faults are eliminated self from the horoscope.

6. Amala Yoga

According to astrology, when any auspicious planet is situated in the 10th house from the Moon or ascendent, this yoga is formed. in the horoscope, planets Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are placed in the 10th house the person gets unexpected money. However, Amala yoga is seen in every fifth person’s horoscope.

some other benefits of this yoga:

  • Due to the effect of this yoga, the native can become a good speaker and a visionary public leader.
  • The person gets respect in society through his excellent works.
  • This effect gets the success in the field of social media.
  • The person receives all types of amenities in his life.
  • In the field of government, the person achieves high authority.

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7. Panch Mahapurush Yoga

In astrology, this yoga is also considered of the most powerful yogas. According to Vedic astrology, in the horoscope, five planets ( Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn )are made for Panch Mahapurush Yoga. These planets are formed by different yogas. Panch Mahapursh Yoga is very auspicious. These five yogas are-

Ruchak Yoga

This yoga is formed from the position of Mars in the horoscope. If Mars is in an exalted position in the native’s horoscope, sitting in the original triangle, then this position of Mars is called Ruchak Yoga. People born in this yoga are rich and knowledgeable in weapons and scriptures. They have deep knowledge about machine systems, scientific fields, and the solar system.

Bhadra Yoga

Bhadra Yoga is formed when Mercury has been placed in the Gemini or Virgo zodiac in the center of the house. Such people do work related to data, bank, chartered accounts, and foreign work. The people of Bhadra Yoga are excellent administrators, adept, rich in wealth, intelligent, wealthy, respectable, and kind.

Hans Yoga

Hans Yoga is formed when Jupiter is sitting in the center of any one of the zodiac signs Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer. The people of Hans Yoga are beautiful, have melodious speech, live near the river or sea, and live like a king. These people are knowers of religious scriptures, adept, virtuous, and religious in nature.

Malavya Yoga

Malavya Yoga is formed when Venus is placed in the Kendra under the signs of Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. These people are capable of war and politics and the natives are also the owners of women, sons, vehicles, buildings, and wealth. Their nature is brilliant, scholarly, enthusiastic, solitary, and clever.

Shash Yoga

Shasha Yoga is formed when Saturn is present in the center of Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra. These kinds of people enjoy a king-size life. These people are the owner of the vast tract of land. Such people are scientists, constructer, detectives, and lawyers.

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