Budhadtiya Yoga | Importance and Effects

Budhadtiya Yoga | Importance and Effects

Budhaditya Yoga

In Vedic astrology, there are many yogas mentioned, having their own special importance. Yogas are formed when two or more planets are in conjunction in a certain planetary situation.

Budhaditya Yoga has its own special importance in the chart of a native. Lets explore the importance and effects of this yoga in a Kundali…

How Budhaditya Yoga is formed?

According to Vedic astrology, whenever the planet Sun and Mercury are jointly situated in the same house, it forms Budhaditya Yoga. The mutual friendship between these two strong planets gives the auspicious results to the native. It is a life-changing Yoga that provides the native with intelligence due to the planet Mercury being influenced by the infinitely bright light of the Sun.

Traits of Budhaditya Yoga

The effect of Budhaditya yoga makes the native very clever and intelligent. The presence of this yoga in the horoscope of native is a good sign. But an important thing is that the Planet Jupiter and Venus should also be situated in a good position., otherwise the effects are not so much positive.

Effect of Budhaditya yoga varies based on placement of planets in different houses. These effects might be positive or negative. Lets have a detailed overview on effect of this yoga in different houses:

Effects of Yoga in different houses:

  1. Whenever the Budhaditya yoga forms in the first house, it indicates the success in business. Such natives achieve the name and fame in society and have huge wealth.
  2. Yoga formed in the 2nd house shows financial stability. Peoples with this combination achieve success in multiple domains.
  3. Budhaditya Yoga in the 3rd house gives creativity to the native. The native gets fame with their art, craft, culture. Such a native are very courageous.
  4. Yoga formed in the fourth house gives natives good relations with the government. They get benefit of ancestral property. Some natives become very good writers, doctors, or judges.
  5. Yoga formed in the 5th house shows strong leadership qualities. Such a person achieves a higher authority in politics and corporate world. Mostly, they are open minded people.
  6. In the seventh house, this yoga shows happiness in married life. Along with this native gets benefited with luxurious items lifelong.
  7. Budhaditya yoga of the 9th house brings fame to the native based on his/her courage and work. Such a native becomes a big spiritual healer or great saint. If the native is not interested in spiritual healing then he achieves the post of minister.
  8. Yoga formed in the tenth house gives more success in the business. Such a native becomes a big businessman. He builds strong relations with the other countries related to business purposes.
  9. Whenever the yoga forms in the 11th house, it gives good money flow in the native’s life. Native have multiple sources of income.

Negative results of Budhaditya Yoga

Although Budhaditya yoga gives positive results, sometimes results are negative too. It happens when any malefic planet is sitting in the same house with Sun and Mercury. Apart from this, if the yoga is formed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house it gives negative results.

  1. Budhaditya yoga formed in the 6th house indicates a loss in business. Such a native becomes mentally disturbed and there seems to be a lack of opportunities all over the life. Some natives faced financial issues in their life.
  2. In the 8th house formation of Budhaditya yoga gives inauspicious results. The native always suffers from a fear of accident, causalities and surgeries.
  3. Yoga formed in the 12th house is not auspicious for the native. Such natives are criminal minded having illegal sources of income. But they are able to make huge wealth.

Importence of Budhaditya Yoga

In astrology, Mercury represents speech and inner playfulness. Along with this planet, Sun represents the soul. Sun planet signifies the native’s essential attributes like self-ego, self-esteem, self-confidence, and so on…

In such a way when planets Sun and Mercury placed with each other, forms a very strong yoga, Budhaditya yoga. This yoga gives most of the time positive results. This conjunction shows the intellect of the native, thinking ability, and the process of mental reprogramming of the native.

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