Astrology Behind Pak And Sri Lanka Crisis

Astrology Behind Pak And Sri Lanka Crisis

SRI Lanka & Pakistan Crisis

Pakistan Political Crisis

In the history of 75 years of Pakistan since Independence, 23 people have gained the opportunity as a Prime Minister, But no one till date able to complete their period of 5-years. The reason for this is to go against the party or seduce the public. Astrological calculation and movement of the planets are also considered in it. As we see and read daily, political crises increasing day by day in Pakistan.

The last political earthquake is over in Pakistan. Imran Khan’s government has fallen in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are not able to trust Imran’s government. After losing power in Pakistan, Imran khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf ( PTI ) party has called for demonstrations in cities across the country.

Based on Astrology, the planetary placement is also responsible for this. According to the birth details and horoscope, Imran Khan is a Scorpio ascendant and the ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars. Mars is the factor of action and sports. Due to this Imran khan achieved the name and fame in the cricket world.

On 18 August 2018, when Imran Khan gained the position Prime Minister of Pakistan, Sun was strong in his horoscope. It gave success to Imran khan in their political career. Imran Khan achieved the name and fame. But as we know in astrology, planets continuously are in movement. Sudden Rahu entered the horoscope of Imran khan and destroyed his political career. Rahu is situated in Imran’s horoscope in the 10th house which is not auspicious. There were possibilities that Imran Khan may be the first PM of Pakistan, who could be able to complete their work time for 5 years. But due to Rahu’s interference with Mars, some issues entered into his political life and he gave the resignation from his position.

Economical Crisis in Sri Lanka

As per the astrology, the planets and constellations are things that always gets things benefited or destroys them. We are talking about the most beautiful tourist place, Sri Lanka. It is a country that is facing an economical crisis for a long time in world history. The country, Shri Lanka have not enough foreign currency to pay off debt. In the month of January, the Rating agency (SP) cut off the loan rating of Sri Lanka from CCC+ to CCC. According to rating agency Fitch, Sri Lanka needs $3 billion in foreign currency to drown the pay-off debt. Sri Lanka has swaps of $1.5 billion in currency with China in December 2021. However, the record of Sri Lanka has been impeccable in the matter of repaying the loan. But due to the decrease in foreign currency, it is difficult to make sure this record.

According to Sri Lankan CM, the condition of this country has been almost worst. As per astrological calculation, India’s most popular astrologers tell the reason for this crisis is the movements of the planets. Because the movement of planets and constellations destroys the economy of the country.

Planets Responsible For The Crisis:

According to astrology, every planet has its own characteristics. The planets give results on the basis of their house, their situations, and their movement. There are some plants that are responsible for the Pak and Sri Lanka crisis:

1. Rahu Planet

Rahu considers a Sin planet. It is also a mysterious and secret planet overall 9 planets. This planet is responsible for financial problems, and economical crises. Rahu is also considered a political planet. “When Rahu is placed in the 10th house it is an auspicious indication”. However, the presence of Rahu does not give a pleasant result. Sometimes it indicates in front of loans or crises.

2. Mars Planet

According to astrology, the Mars planet is also related to financial problems. To present in the 6th house of mars indicates the loan. Mars basically represents the economical problems. If any country faces financial or economical problems, Mars is involved there.

3. Saturn Planet

As per astrological calculation, Saturn planet is known for justice. But sometimes it has negative effects. Basically, it depends on which house the Saturn is placed in. Saturn affects the political career, educational career, and financial career. Saturn has 3 Dasha i.e ”Antardasha, Mahadasha, and Sade Sati”. It has different time periods.

India’s helping hands towards Sri Lanka

The condition of Sri Lanka is going to be worst. After independence, this happened for the first time and Sri Lanka is going through crisis economically. According to official data, Sri Lanka has crossed the dearness approx. 17% and this is the worst level of inflation in any country in the whole South Asia. The value of the Sri Lankan rupee has depreciated more approx. 46%. In the month of March, the value of the $1 had 201 Sri Lankan rupee. Now in the present scenario, the value has increased from $1 to 381 Sri Lankan rupee. In this worst situation in Sri Lanka, India’s helping hands are always with Sri Lanka. India is providing all necessary and possible things to its neighbour.

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