Effects of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn | 19th December 2021

Effects of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn | 19th December 2021

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Retrogradation of Venus is always considered an important event in Vedic astrology as Venus is given major importance. Being considered an important and auspicious planet, it gives very good results and ability to strength when placed in a good house.
Almost, Venus placed in any house gives fruitful results most of the times. Venus is a planet which gives all types of Comforts, Luxury, Prosperity and a good position etc. Relationships in good zone also increases as a result of Venus placed in right Venus is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. It is exalted while placed in Pisces and while a debilitated when placed in Virgo. It is the representative of Peace and Prosperity. Also the native becomes a beauty lover.

At present, Venus is going to transit in Capricorn ruled by a friendly planet Saturn; there will be retrogradation on December 19th 2021 and this placement is going to affect natives of all 12 Zodiacs.

Lets have a eye over what effect this placement is going to draw on Zodiacs:

1. Aries

you have to work hard at your workplace and put in extra effort to achieve your goals. However, you may have a workload but you will enjoy doing it and complete your project by accepting it as a challenge.  If you are in love, you will have a pleasant time and you will come across many opportunities to come close to your beloved.  The retrograde position of Venus can bring different kinds of auspicious results for you.

2. Taurus

Venus is not only the ruling lord of your zodiac sign but also governs the sixth house of your horoscope.  You will successfully complete all your assignments by the grace of Venus and if you undertake any new project, the success will be at your doorstep. Natives may witness some adverse effects on your father’s health. You will have the opportunity to visit certain beautiful places and enjoy natural beauty which in turn will give you mental satisfaction.

3. Gemini

This movement can not be considered auspicious from a health point of view and therefore, you will have to be very cautious. If some problem develops, take immediate steps to cure it so that it may not take the shape of a major disease. Financially, this period can be unfavorable, and therefore, give a deep thought before making any investment lest it should turn out to be unfavorable. Although your business will go on smoothly, don’t expect big profits or gains.

4. Cancer

The special impact of Venus retrograde will be observed in married life. You will spend quality time with your partner and try to resolve all sorts of misunderstandings prevailing in your relationships.  you will get the opportunity to expand your business through hard labor and you will come across some new people. Make use of your wisdom and do the right things at the right time.

5. Leo

The period is pointing towards an ailment and therefore, you should be alert and cautious. People associated with jobs will have to be a bit more alert during this time. You can keep your financial position stable by controlling your expenditure. As far love life is concerned, this retrograde motion is going to be pleasant. You will spend nice time with your beloved and you will come close to each other.

6. Virgo

The retrograde position in the fifth house will bring some opportunities as well as challenges for you. This period is going to be fruitful for your personal life and some positive signs will be observed in your family relations. You may also plan to go on a trip and you may like to give them some expensive gifts. Things will turn out to be normal and you will have plenty of money to spend as per your wishes.

7. Libra

.On account of the retrograde motion of Venus, your family life will be positively impacted. Because of the influence of Venus, you will pay attention to family comforts and hence, you will tax your pocket all the more. You will be successful in establishing yourself at the work during this time but sometimes, you may not be able to pay the required attention to your work because of being busy with your family affairs. 

8. Scorpio

The motion in the third house is indicating that you will have to be somewhat careful.  Your ego must not come in between relations as it will affect you adversely. Avoid taking any sort of risk during this period as there are chances of losses in business. The goal which you intend to achieve may not be that easy but you must not lose your patience and hope.  If you have any intention to work with your spouse, do plan accordingly. Businessmen should try to maintain cordial relations with their partners.

9. Sagittarius

The retrograde position will have a special impact on your second house and financially, you will be well off.  There will remain happiness in your family and the atmosphere will be pleasant. During this time, you will even win over the heart of your opponents through the humility in your voice. You will relish good food and can shop for expensive gifts.  If any court case has been going on for a long period of time, the decision may tilt your way.

10. Capricorn

It is the ruling lord of fifth and tenth house and presently, it is going to become retrograde in your zodiac sign. There will be immense happiness all around you and you will complete your work positively.  Healthwise, you will be fit and fine and if any ailment has been going on then it is likely to decline.  You will be more intimate with your partner and there will be signs of better understanding. Due to the retrograde motion, you will have a pleasant time in your personal life and you will make the best use of this time.

11. Aquarius

Currently, the Venus Retrograde is going to have a special impact on your twelfth house from your zodiac sign. During this time, your expenses may increase and at the same time, you will be absorbed in luxury and lust. please be cautious and consult your doctor regularly. Remember that negligence can create trouble. At the same time, savings will not be possible. Your personal life will be quite romantic and you will develop intimate relations with your partner. You will buy a piece of land far away from your place of birth.

12. Pisces

The Venus Retrograde motion in the eleventh house is indicating positive results, especially, the financial front. There will be unparallelly changes in your current financial position and you will get plenty of money. . You will be blessed by the elders of the family which will benefit you in the success of your career. The improvement in your health will also be observed.  If you are in service, you must keep in mind to talk relevantly with your seniors to avoid any misunderstanding.

These are the key highlights that how Venus Retrogradation in Capricorn is going to affect your Life. If you wanna detailed analysis and personalized prediction, feel free to connect Astrologers on AstroSOLV App.

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