5 Most Inauspicious Yogas in Astrology

5 Most Inauspicious Yogas in Astrology

According to astrology, at the time of birth of a child, based on the position of planets and constellations, a person’s horoscope and yoga are created. The position of the planets in the horoscope, their relationship with each other create Yogas. According to the horoscope, the fortune of a human being is determined only by his/her birth. If good yoga of horoscope makes life successful, inauspicious yoga increases the miseries of life.

The combination of planets creates yoga in the horoscope. Negative yoga is also known as horoscope dosha. This we are going to describe five such inauspicious yogas, due to which there are always troubles in a person’s life. Let us know what is the five most inauspicious Yoga present in Vedic astrology, which causes problems in any person’s life. You will also know the effect of those yogas on your life and their remedy for peace

1. Kemdrum Yoga

According to astrology, Kemdrum Yoga is an important yoga created by the Moon. If the moon is sitting alone at any place in the birth chart of the person, and there is no other planet in front of it, then Kemdrum Yoga would be created.  If there is no planet present in the second and twelfth (both) house from the zodiac sign of the Moon, then Kemdrum dosha is created. If any of these planets are situated in Rahu or Ketu, then their presence will also be considered as Kemdrum dosha. This yoga is not very harmful. In this yoga, a person not only gets inauspicious effects but in this dosha one also gets the ability and strength to fight against the troubles in life.

If Kemdrum Yoga is formed in the horoscope of the person then one has to lead a life of poverty, struggle and lack of life. This yog has been called an indicator of bad luck. Due to this yoga a person does not get success in the field. The financial condition of a person becomes worse. The native does not get family happiness.


  •  This dosha is based on the moon and the moon is related to Lord Shiva, so Worship Lord Shiva daily and fast on Monday.
  • Reciting Shiva Sahastranam Strotra and chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.
  • Serve your mother as much as possible.

2. Chandal Dosh

Many times we work harder than necessary, but success is not achieved. Children do not want to spend their mind in studies, fall in bad company, etc. Any person faces these problems when Chandal Dosh is formed in the person’s horoscope. Due to the combination of Guru and Rahu in the horoscope, the Chandal Dosh is created in the person’s horoscope. Under the influence of the shadow planet Rahu, Guru also gives inauspicious results.  Chandal Dosh is considered to be even more fierce than Sadesati, Kalsarp Dosh, and Mangal Dosh. According to astrology, the meaning of Chandal is a cruel and dishonest act. In the same way, when knowledge is lost, then a person starts to despicable deeds.

Due to this yoga, a person faces many problems in life. The person affected by this yoga is much more materialistic, and he moves towards negativity in his life. He can go to any extent to fulfill his ambitions and has a strong desire to earn money, due to which the native forget the difference between right and wrong. In such a situation, the person is a victim of collapse and can be violent and fanatic in some special circumstances.


  • If Chandal Yoga is being formed in your horoscope, then you should worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday and offer yellow sandalwood to them.

3. Visha Yoga

According to astrology, the combination of Saturn and Moon in any person’s horoscope is considered as Visha Yoga. The person in whose horoscope this yoga is created, that person gets disappointment from all sides in his life. If there is a creation of visha yoga in the horoscope of a person, it means that the person must have committed a cruel crime in their Previous birth. The effect of this yoga occurs 100 percent in the life of the native, hence it is counted among the most effective yogas of astrology. The inauspicious effect of this yoga lasts from birth to death of the person. A person suffering from visha yoga cheats his own family and relatives repeatedly.

Due to this yoga, the knowledge of the person is interrupted, this means that visha yoga gives thoughtlessness. Whichever house of the horoscope this yoga is made, it ends the good results related to that house, due to which the person always faces despair. native feels lonely and can also go into mental stress and depression.


  • Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva must be done at least once a year.
  • If there is a difficult situation, you should chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

4. Amavasya Dosha

When the Sun and Moon are together in any house of the horoscope of a person, then the Amavasya Dosha is formed. Just like the moon is hidden when there is an Amavasya, in the same way, a person’s moon becomes weak due to an Amavasya Dosha. The life of any person who finds this dosh in his horoscope becomes painful because the moon planet is the causative planet of our mind and brain. Such a dosh is considered very bad yoga. Diseases related to the mind arise due to the Moon not being effective. According to Vedic astrology, the moon is the soul of the horoscope and when the moon itself becomes inferior, it becomes painful for any person. A person suffering from Amavasya dosha does not have a stable mind, always negative thoughts come to his mind, due to this defect, the financial condition of the parents is mostly bad, the native also struggles with financial stress throughout his life.

 Remedy :

  • After consulting an astrologer, wear pearl gemstone.
  • Touch the feet of your mother every day and take her blessings.

5. Kalsarp Dosh

In the context of Rahu and Ketu in a person’s horoscope, according to the positions of other planets, Kalsarp Yogas is formed in the person’s horoscope. Mainly Kalasarp is considered inauspicious. Kalsarp Dosh sits in a person’s horoscope due to the crime or punishment of the person’s previous birth, due to which the person has to face many problems. If Rahu Ketu the 7th and 9th house in the horoscope of the native, then the yoga of Kaal Sarp is formed. According to astrology, if Kalsarp dosha is found in a person’s horoscope, then there are many problems in his life,  Not getting success even after extreme hard work, mental stress, family quarrels,  problem in marital life, lack of children, cheating, long illness, premature death, frequent accidents, many kinds of obstacles in education, etc.


  • Read Shiva Tandava strot daily.
  • Rahu should remedy peace at night. Worship Rahu in Shiva temple during night time .
  • Amavasya of Bhradpad month is considered best for the prevention of Kalasarpa dosha.

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