Is Black Magic Real? How to Get rid of it

Is Black Magic Real? How to Get rid of it

Black Magic

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these words “Black Magic”. I know what you must be thinking so without further ado, let us get an insight into its existence where does it originated from, what effect does it have on us and is it good or bad?

As we all know we are continuously surrounded by a constant flow of energy which is the prime source of our existence on this planet. We also know that it can’t be destroyed or created but rather be transferred from one form to another. Even after death, its transfer in the form of the soul. It can be both in form of positive as well as negative energy.

As the name suggests, black magic is a kind of negative energy that can create a lot of troubles and disturbances in one’s life. Let’s understand its origin.


It is originated in the dense suburbs of Africa. Formerly known as “Voodoo”. it has been widely used by people with a view to destroy or harm others. In India, its roots can be traced to West Bengal where it is mostly used. Those under the influence of black magic will usually experience heaviness, low energy, depressed and mentally weak.

They will tend to behave in an absurd manner or under the influence of their master as slaves. It is carried in the form of a doll (Voodoo), in which all the negative energies are used against the person to be targeted, and used against his/her own will in order to get control of it. First, the person belonging is taken, then magic is carried out using some mantras, and then it is finally transferred into a doll. It is mainly done in the cases of property dispute among family members, to gain control of one’s finances, or in a matter of love and relationship, in cases of enmity involving personal gains.

Voodoo becomes Black Magic

In earlier times, Voodoo was used to cure diseases and troubles, but over time people started using it for their selfishness and through this method  started harassing people. Voodoo came to be known as black magic. In this, the souls of dead people are called in another’s body and their selfishness is fulfilled. In this process dolls resembling effigies are used, which are made of food items like gram flour, urad dal or flour. After this, the mantra is burnt to life and then the effigy is awakened by the name of the one who performs the black magic.

Astrological thoughts on black magic

Due to some planetary defects in the horoscope, black magic starts affecting the native. If the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Mars in the horoscope are afflicted by Rahu-Ketu in particular gestures, then negative energy is affected. Astrology states that black magic is more effective on the day of the solar eclipse because there is a drastic change in the zodiac conditions on this day.

Effects of black magic

Any person under the influence of black magic can be identified by the following :

⦁        Mentally Disturbed, restlessness 

⦁        Insomnia, Loss of appetite

⦁        Depression , laziness, heaviness

⦁        Unpredicted death or loss of finances or income

⦁        Family riots or tension among family members

⦁        One can get a feeling that someone is following him/her at all times or hearing strange noises

How to get rid of Black Magic

⦁        Consult any Astrologer if you face any of these symptoms who can cure it.

⦁        Read hanuman Chalisa daily

⦁        Light a camphor every Morning and evening

⦁        Fill a bowl with mustard oil and donate it in the temple after seeing your face in it.

⦁        Offer seven roses to Goddess Kali .Then recite “Om Klien” 21 times and the person should eat seven leaves of any one rose.

To conclude, black magic is considered to be the most dangerous and harmful negative energy. one should exercise extreme precaution not to get under the influence of it as it can ruin your life and can have devastating effects for a lifetime. Those who inadvertently get affected by it need the love, care, and attention of their close family members and should not be looked upon with regret, hatred.

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