Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Vedic Astrology

Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Vedic Astrology

Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Astrology

The horoscope is a mirror of the past, present and future of the native and knowledge of all things related to the person is obtained through the horoscope. Whether or not the person will get child happiness in life, there will be delay in getting children, adoption of children or medical treatment, etc. things can be ascertained on the basis of birth chart.

Marriage is a very important relationship in our life, but in fulfilling the family, a child plays the most important role. Married life can never be complete without a child. In today’s modern prime era, every man/ woman wants to be rich as soon as possible. In this desire, marriage is delayed, and the person does not want to have children soon after marriage, till then the age of women is more than 30, due to which people start suffering in getting children. A family is considered incomplete without a child. Due to the presence of children in the house, the whole house becomes alive, if a daughter is born, then we say that Lakshmi has arrived in the house, etc.

Sometimes at the time of childbirth, we face many problems and difficulties. Although these problems have subsided to some extent in today’s era, there are still cases where people do not get success even after medical help. In such a situation, astrology is used, let us see how astrology can assist here:

Explanation of the horoscope: The fifth house in the horoscope is important from the point of view of the child. Achieving healthy, beautiful, and worthy children is the wish of all parents, but the deeds of previous births, these planets come to give you results in the present situation. In such a situation, how much luck your fortune gives, all this situation can be known from the correct estimation of the horoscope. If the lagnesh (lord of the ascendant) is in the fifth, or if the fifth house is in the center or triangle, the person gets the happiness of the son.

Planets Playing Important Role in Child Birth

1. Jupiter

This planet is responsible for the birth of a child. Therefore we should always understand the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.

2. Sun

Sun is the ruler of the 5th house in the horoscope. Apart from this, Sun is a factor of life and energy. In the birth of a child, this planet also has an important role.

3. Mars

Mars is the ruler of the 8th house, in the horoscope. The 8th house is the House of Sexual Organ or the House of Concept. It plays an important role in reproduction.

4. Venus

It is the most important planet because it indicates female sex organs and male semen. This planet is also considered to be a factor of love and sex. Therefore, no childbirth, or any delay in procuring children. can also be caused by the weakening of the planet Venus in the horoscope.

Planetary Position responsible for delay or denial in Marriage

  • In this horoscope, the 5th house and its lord afflicted by malefic planets.
  • Inauspicious house (12th and 7th house) lord Mars aspect to 5th house.
  • Mars aspect fifth lord Mercury.
  • Another 3rd House lord Moon is placed in the 11th house and aspect to 5th house.
  • Ketu is also an aspect of the 5th house.
  • 8th and 11th lord Jupiter placed in the 5th house.
  • Jupiter is the significator of childbirth and Jupiter located in the 5th house. According to shastra ” karko Bhav Nashay” promises delay childbirth or denial.
  • Mars aspect 5th house and 5th Lord it is also showing once a miscarriage or abortion is possible.

Remedies for Issue in Child Birth

  1. Read the Harivansh Purana for the Sun.
  2. One should worship Shiv by keeping a fast on Monday for the moon.
  3. Perform a mahaudra or extravagna yagna for Mars.
  4. Worship Mahavishnu for Mercury.
  5. Gopalan for Venus and serve him.
  6. Do chanting and Havan of Mahamrityunjaya for Shani.
  7. For Rahu, worship Nagpash Yantra and keep a fast on Wednesday. It is also considered best to donate to such people.

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