Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius | 20th June 2021

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius | 20th June 2021

Jupiter Retrograde In Aquarius

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the element of sky, luck, and happiness. Its quality is a sign of vastness, growth and expansion in a person’s horoscope and life. Jupiter represents the balance of subjects related to karma, religion, philosophy, knowledge and offspring of past lives.

It is concerned with teaching, learning, and the spread of knowledge. Diabetes is believed to be directly related to Jupiter in the horoscope. According to Hindu astrology, worshiping the Guru can relieve diseases affecting the stomach and mitigate sins.

Retrograded Jupiter is not considered favorable for betting, investing, or gambling as they are less likely to win during this period. During this time, we face many challenges in doing the tasks we want to do. This challenge develops the path of our growth and development, which makes our coming time better.

On June 20, 2021, the planet Jupiter will be retrograde in Aquarius, and on September 14, 2021 it will start moving. After this it will enter Capricorn. Let us see what effect the guru will have on each zodiac sign?

1. Aries

This retrograde will transit in the eleventh house of Aries. The presence of a Guru in the eleventh house indicates that at this time you will fail to meet your expectations or that what you are expecting may be delayed or you will not get the results you expected. During this period you will find yourself in an anxious state, you will doubt every decision you make. Financially, you may have to face some problem, in such a situation, keep a control on your expenses. If you look at healthy life, this is a favorable time period for you.

2. Taurus

Jupiter will transit in the tenth house of the Taurus zodiac. During the transiting in the tenth house, you will have to maintain your patience level and be careful while doing any task as you may have to struggle a lot during this period. You are advised to pay attention to your speech and words and respect everyone. At the beginning of this retrograde, you will be busier than ever. During this time, you can also take many travel trips.

3. Gemini

Jupiter will transit in the ninth house of Gemini. When the retrograde is in the ninth house, then the people who are preparing for higher education may feel tensed, but gradually the people of this zodiac will see improvement in the field of education, your education can be completed. . During this time you may feel a little jealous of your friends. Keep as distance from social work as possible. Devote more and more time to his career. You can have big plans for the future.

4. Cancer

Transit of Jupiter will be in 8th House. In the eighth house, Jupiter gives wealth to the native. You need to make extra efforts to get insurance benefits. During this time your brain will look for ways to expand, in terms of health you are advised to be as alert to your health as possible, as you may have health problems during this time. You should avoid wasting your energy unnecessarily in the meantime.

5. Leo

Transit will be in the sixth house of Leo. . During this time, the natives of this zodiac will seek liberal and moralistic companions. Jupiter is the causative planet of marriage, and it will remain in retrograde during this period, so some of the natives can get married during this time. Professionally, you should avoid making changes in the job in the meantime as it will not prove beneficial for you.

6. Virgo

Jupiter transit will be in the sixth house of Virgo. The sixth house is considered to be the factor of conflict, unpleasant work, divorce, enemies etc. During this transit, the zodiac signs of Virgo will be strong physically and mentally. You will be able to fulfil your needs and you will dominate your rivals in the field.

This retrograde may have some negative effects on your health; you are expected to get blood sugar, so take care of yourself. Also, the weight of some natives may also increase during this period. Professional natives of this zodiac may have to do a lot of work in the field. Your colleagues will not support you during this time and will want to take advantage of you.

7. Libra

Jupiter will transit in the 5th House of Libra. The fifth house is a factor of education, romance, progress, talent, child, and happiness. The natives of this zodiac may face difficulties in married life during retrograde Jupiter The dreams of your romance will not turn into reality during this time. During this transit, the native of Libra zodiac signs can be zero, especially with regard to their children. The people of this zodiac can be in a relationship with more than one opposite sex at this time. The natives of this zodiac want to get married may also face some problems and the marriage may also be delayed.

8. Scorpio

Jupiter transit will be in the fourth house of the Scorpio zodiac. The fourth house is related to land, house, mental happiness, school education, vehicle etc. During this time, students can get the best results. You have good chances of getting a job. You can also buy a new vehicle during this time. You can make new enemies for yourself by using wrong words towards people. Financially, this time will be lucky for you and through your hard efforts you will also get success. There may be some ups and downs in your relationship with the mother.

9. Sagittarius

Jupiter will transit in the 3rd House. The third house is considered to be the factor of your siblings, neighbors, communication, short distance trips, courage and might. During this time there may be some bitterness in the relationship with the siblings and you may be dissatisfied with the relationship with them. There may be ideological differences with siblings. At this time you can get involved in writing. You can get the pleasure of traveling. Looking for a job, during this time you also have find a job .

10. Capricorn

Jupiter will transit in second house of Capricorn. The second house is the factor of wealth and family happiness. During this transit you will get support from family. The financial problem will be better than before. Changes in lifestyle can also take place during this period. You are most likely to get ancestral property during this transit of the Guru. There is a possibility of a new member coming into the house. During this, you can start any new work.

11. Aquarius

This retrograde will transit in the first house of the Aquarius sign. The first house is the factor of physical pleasure, self-confidence. At this time, you will be healthy. Being a Jupiter in the first house can make you stronger intellectually. It will also give you good qualities. It will make you attractive; will also strengthen your presence in public and socially during this change. You will get benefits from your spouse. There is a need to be careful with the enemy, otherwise, you may be deceived.

12. Pisces

Jupiter will transit in the zodiac sign of Pisces. 12th house is a factor of foreign travel, loss, isolation, hospital. This time is likely to be of good benefit to you. During this transit, the people of Pisces will be fearless and will face every situation firmly. The people of this zodiac will get victory over their enemies during this period. Some of the natives can be seen participating in religious and spiritual activities. According to the position of the guru in the horoscope, some bad results can also be received by some natives, you may wish many times more than expected but you will not get the results as you wanted, which can cause you problems.

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