BJP vs TMC: West Bengal Election Prediction

BJP vs TMC: West Bengal Election Prediction

west bengal election prediction

This is an attempt to give a perspective from astrological insights to tell the outcome of the election of West Bengal. Please note that this is only our personal opinion from the pure study of astrology. Furthermore, there is no assurance on the accuracy of the studied horoscope.

Assembly elections are going to be held in five states of the country from this month. Elections are to be held in West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry. Assembly elections will begin on March 27 and end on May 2.

The most talked-about is the West Bengal assembly elections in the country. West Bengal is witnessing a direct fight between BJP and TMC. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the first rally in West Bengal on Sunday after announcing the dates of the Vidhan Sabha elections in five states. PM Modi addressed the rally at the historic Brigade ground in Kolkata. Millions of people gathered at the brigade ground to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After this, BJP’s confidence has increased further.

Every day the political equation of West Bengal is changing, many of Mamata Banerjee’s very close leaders have left her and joined the BJP, this time the BJP is taking full power to show Mamata the way to power.

Whereas in the last election, Mamata Banerjee’s TMC party came to power for the second time by winning a majority of 211 seats in the 299-member assembly, but in this election, Mamata Banerjee has to contend with the aggressive political moves of Modi and Shah.  Now the question arises that Mamta Banerjee will be able to win her victory by defeating Modi and Shah in the elections?

Let us know the answer to this question from astrology and the position of planetary constellations.

Let’s look at the TMC Formation Chart

At this time, according to the horoscope of TMC, the dasha of Rahu and Mars is going on and Saturn is in transit to Mars, which does not indicate positive for TMC party. If we look at the result of the last election, then this time TMC is likely to get about 40-47% seats, i.e. about 83-99 seats. of tmc, Pisces ascendant horoscope is formed, at this time Rahu is in the sixth house of the horoscope and Venus is in the benefic house, indicating the conflict and difficult times.

From June 2021, Jupiter will change its zodiac sign in the eleventh house of the horoscope. Saturn will be present in the Pisces zodiac sign of Guru, due to the effect of this yoga, TMC can make its return to power in extremely difficult situations.

Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh, BJP West Bengal president and contender for the top post of Chief Minister, Dilip was born on 1 April 1979. Gemini Ascendant, Ketu is sitting in the seventh house of his horoscope, on which Rahu from Ascendant, and due to the influence of Venus, he remains unmarried. He came into public works and Union publicist at an early age. At present, the condition of Rahu and Venus is going on. Venus occupies the fifth position of the horoscope, due to which they can win this election.

Mamta’s tension will increase with predictions

Now in the meantime astrologers have made a big prediction which will further boost the morale of the BJP. The astrologers’ prediction may increase the tension of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Astrologers say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be overshadowed by TMC chief Mamata Banerjee. According to astrologers, the BJP will win in West Bengal. He argues that the PM’s horoscope is heavier than all the leaders who are participating in the elections.

BJP’s future in Bengal – In the 2014 general election in Bengal, the BJP, which won only 2 seats, has won 18 Lok Sabha seats this time. If the assembly seat-wise analysis of the results of the Lok Sabha elections, then out of the total 294 assembly seats in the assembly, BJP has made an edge in about 130 assembly constituencies. On the other hand, the ruling party TMC has gained in only 158 seats. In such a situation, when there is an assembly election in West Bengal in 2021 after two years, it is considered certain to see a contest between the BJP and TMC there.

After seeing the Lok Sabha election results on the future question of BJP in Bengal, it can be said that BJP can form its government in West Bengal in 2021. In the last one year, the way the BJP concentrated its attention in Bengal, after that, its winning paths were opened.

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