Role of Planets in Life | Vedic Astrology

Role of Planets in Life | Vedic Astrology

Role of Planets in Our Life

We all know that there are nine planets in the solar system which revolve around the Sun due to the presence of gravitational force. All these nine planets are worshiped in Hinduism and it is believed that these planets have importance in one’s life. According to astrology, the position of these planets during the birth of a person determines the past, present, and future.

Lets have a look on impact of different planets in a native life:

1. Sun

In Hinduism, Surya is worshiped on a daily basis. The Sun holds its own position while the other planets rotate every day and night. Sun generates energy and will power in a person and makes him fortunate, that is why worshiping the planet Sun is extremely fruitful. It is also responsible for determining a person’s personality, external appearance, knowledge, and achievements. Surya is also the lord of Leo.

2. Moon

Moon planet or lunar planet. It is of huge importance in our life and it is believed that the Moon plays an important role in determining some of the major events of our life. It determines the fertility, growth, relationships, and even overall emotional outlook of a person’s life. If we read about the research of the astrologers of ancient times, it is believed that the good effect of the lunar planet is that a person ensures a harmonious life in such a situation.

3. Mars

Mars is also known as Angaraka or Mangala. He is considered to be the most intense, ferocious, fiery of all the planets. In ancient times, Mars was called the God of War. It represents the freedom, intensity, temper, individualism, and nature of the individual. The same planet is said to rule as two different zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. As the planet itself is aggressive and ferocious, it also makes the zodiac signs offensive.

4. Mercury

The planet is known as Buddha in Varuna Mudra because he has 4 hands and the planet in the horoscope is the antidote to sharpen intelligence and brilliance and create multidimensional talent in the person.

5. Jupiter

Jupiter represents the planet God known as Brahmanaspati or Brishpati and the reason behind the planet’s position is that it is known as the teacher of the gods and is also praised in many hymns of the Rigveda. . According to ancient beliefs, the planet Brihaspati is destined to be a factor in our lives. It is also responsible for intelligence, kindness, good luck, success, knowledge, and maturity.

6. Venus

The various planets are the goddess teachers of the demons and are also known as the creators of Sukranti. The planet is also responsible for representing the most delicate and emotional areas of life such as love, luxury, food, money, and more. People under this planet are always gentle and soft.

7. Saturn

It is the most troubled and fearful God. According to astrology, Saturn is considered a negative astrological planet. It is said to be slow, sluggish, lazy, and careless. People believe that its period is the worst period in one’s life. According to ancient astrologers, the proper position of Saturn in the horoscope can bring wisdom, authority, success, happiness, and justness to a person’s life.

Also, it is also believed that every person goes through a rough phase, where he will go through a bad phase of seven and a half years when this planet Saturn enters its zodiac sign.

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