Mercury Mahadasha & Its Effects: Astrology Blogs

Mercury Mahadasha & Its Effects: Astrology Blogs


Mercury Mahadasha goes on for a very long time of 17 years in one’s life. During this period, people notice changes in the degree of insight, imagination, relational abilities, board expertise, discourse, and so forth in this period peoples normally get progress in vocation, benefits, reformist thoughts, and improved composing abilities.

Individuals in book-keeping, securing, exchanging, legislative issues, managing, educating, and banking do very well during this time. For understudies, this is a good group to contemplate trade, discretion, and political theory.

Native feels a great deal of true serenity in family matters likewise If Mercury is powerless or harmed during this period, they need to experience the ill effects of skin issues, apprehensive issues, mental issues, absence of focus, cognitive decline, and stigmatize.

Benefic results of Mercury Mahadasha

  • A native influenced by Mercury or running through the Mahadasha of Mercury; possess a tendency to be engaged in dual business. Its seen that natives always get engaged in two businesses at a particular time.
  • During the Mercury Mahadasha, there will be many opportunities knocking on your door. The native can be exceptionally fruitful in the business relating to telecom, web, PC, electronic media, radio, TV, promoting, science, middleman ship, designing, composing, deals and showcasing and the field that requires an endowment of discourse.
  • Assuming you have been going through the Mahadasha of Mercury, you should attempt the field referenced here to get marvelous accomplishments during the 17 years of Mercury Mahadasha.

Malefic results of Mercury Mahadasha

  • Native doesn’t receive any auspicious results in Mercury Mahadasha, in case Mercury is debilitated in a natives horoscope.
  • Mercury will also cause disturbances in your life if affected by malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
  • Natives will surely get success but it may be a distant dream. As there will be loss of money, wealth, career issues, matrimonial problem, skin problem, speech problem and you will not be able to display your linguistic gear.

Antardasha of Planets in Mahadasha of Mercury

We need to completely analyze charts of native and predictions can be done based on the Antardasha during the Mahadasha of Mercury. Few major highlighted predictions can be done while taking in contrast the mahadasha period followed by Antardasha period:

1. In Antardasha of Mercury

Inclination towards religion increases. Being a very pure-minded personality, a native takes all the decisions taking care of every wall of the room. This is the time of getting wealth, name, and fame due to knowledge.

2. In Antardasha of Sun

Knowledge and Learning ability of native get improved during this period. There is a peaceful and happy environment in the family during this sub period. People working in Teaching line, baking sector, account section and law gets fruitful results. Sun antardasha leads to heart disease, skin disorders and mental stress.

3. In Antardasha of Moon

The combination of Moon and Mercury is average. Interest in Music and Arts develops in the native. Native works very hard to achieve success. But this period can be a period of Mental Stress, Lack of Concentration, etc.

4. In Antardasha of Venus

Native gets lots of recognition due to his/her intellectual abilities. Native gets more attracted towards loved ones. Same as in the antardasha of the moon, this also increases the inclination of native towards the music, arts and make him fond of fragrances and dance.

5. In Antardasha of Mars

This is not a favorable period for the native. Life become luxurious and native is blessed with Vehicle and House. Some obstacles are there in family life. Opponents and Enemies increases. For male natives, this Dasha leads to high expenditure, gastric issues, skin allergies, eye and blood problems.

6. In Antardasha of Jupiter

The combination of Jupiter and Mercury is really blissful for natives. For unmarried peoples, this is a good time to get married. Relationships with spouse and children becomes more healthy. Mental Strength and Intellectual abilities improves resulting in growth of level of understanding. Chances of getting good positions for researchers, scholars and lawyers increases.

7. In Antardasha of Saturn

Combination of Saturn and Mercury gives very friendly results. Some obstacles might be seen but overall this combination gives only positive results. Saturn being a lord of Karma, this period might proved to be struggling for native. People acquire a lot of inner strength but at same time there might be financial losses.

8. In Antardasha of Rahu

People receive a lot of respect in society. However, at same time fear inside might increases. Overall due to hard work, native feel depressed and sometime dissatisfied also. Inclination towards religious and spiritual work increases and relation with spouse improves.

9. In Antardasha of Ketu

Ketu Antardasha with Mercury Mahadasha gives relax to mind of native. Problems in decision making will be there manytimes. Concentration is low in that period. This period also affects professional and financial progress and expenses are often frequent during this time. If male influence is present in the horoscope, the person feels mentally stressed and can also develop a tendency to set unrealistic expectations.

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