Marrying a Manglik Girl or Boy?

Marrying a Manglik Girl or Boy?

Can I Marry a Manglik Girl or Boy_ (1)

In a native’s horoscope, Manglik Dosha is formed when Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th House. A person having this dosha in Kundli is Manglik. It is said that such a person should marry a native of the opposite sex who also having Manglik Dosha in the horoscope.

This is nothing but having excess energy of Mars related to a specific house. Mars represents Self Esteem, Energy, War, Aggression, Assertion, etc. In case, a person gets married to a non-Manglik, He/She will face difficulty in adapting with their partners and also can have major health issues or trouble equivalent to death.

Mars possesses energy and this energy must need to be utilized in the right direction. If not utilized correctly, it may cause huge destructions.

How a Manglik native gets affected when married to Non-Manglik?

Calculations based on placement of Mars in different houses:

1. Manglik Boy/ Girl suffers mental worries when Mars is in the first house of Kundli the person generally afraid of Iron and fire. They suffer grievances with wife/husband and children.

2. Mangik Boy/ Girl having Mars placed in the 4th House of Kundli gets less love from their mother, but career-wise they are Courageous.

3. Manglik Boy/Girl having Mars in the 7th House of horoscope suffers a lot at a young age. They suffer so many illnesses & partner may leave early.

4. Manglik Boy/Girl having Mars in the 8th House face lots of different types of problems in life.

5. Manglik Boy/ Girl having Mars in 12th Bhava of Kundli suffers because of laid back attitude, stupid decisions, or legal issues.

In Vedic Astrology, Every problem has a solution. Many such remedies are there in Vedic astrology performing which results in lowering the effect of Manglik Dosha in a native’s horoscope. Some of them are listed below:

  • Natives having this dosha in Kundli are advised to marry Banyan or Peepal tree firstly.
  • The native should chant Navgraha Mantra on regular basis to pls planets and lower their malefic effects.
  • Wear a red coral ring in gold or copper metal and purify it every Tuesday by Ganges water and reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

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