Evil Eye Removal | Buri Nazar (Drishti) Online Puja

Evil Eye Removal | Buri Nazar (Drishti) Online Puja

Evil Eye (Nazar) Removal

To be very honest, I don’t know the reason behind it. Personally, I have heard about the concept throughout my existence but I never bumped into the science behind Nazar Lagna, how it happens and how can it be removed. However, over time, I have surely learned about it from others and here I would like to share the learnings with you.

Sadhguru, in one of his videos, once talked about the concept and compared the same with bathing. He says, just like we bath and remove the physical dirt from our body, similarly, our body also gets surrounded by bad energies that need to be washed off regularly.

Sadhguru talking about Evil Eye/ Drishti

When someone looks at someone else with affection, envy, jealousy, hate, rage, resentment, hatred, sadness, joy and sorrow, the feelings or thoughts that arise in their mind, it had a bad impact on the vibration of your mind and energy. Human beings have an aura all around them, and it is assumed that the aura is a human shield.

When an evil eye affects the shield of energy it is called Nazar. An Individual affected by this goes through a bad phase in life immediately after that. Their career, relationship, and everything in life tend to decline or don’t see any progress.

Some Common Symptoms of Evil Eye:

  • Rise in restlessness
  • Sudden sweating and negative thoughts
  • Not having control over speech
  • Blurring of vision
  • Using abusive language
  • Babies crying a lot suddenly
  • Saliva dripping from the mouth
  • Thoughts of committing suicide
  • Fainting, a manifestation of negative energy
  • Even thoughts about/of killing someone

How is Evil-Eye removed?

Simply put, Dhrishti is performed on the person to wash off the influence of negative energies. This fire-wash, as they say, helps remove all the impurities around the person, which might be troubling them for no practical reason.

It is believed that most human problems can be resolved if Drishti is performed regularly on them, just like physical baths. If not regularly, it must be performed especially on Tuesday and Saturday to overcome all unknown issues.

To cite an example, you must have seen how infants sometimes cry for no reason and it can get pretty daunting to control them. However, if Dhrishti is performed upon them, then this simple Fire-wash can subdue the impurities surrounding them. This will help the infant become normal instantly. That’s the power of Evil Eye Removal.

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