Astrology Behind Divorce and Remedies

Astrology Behind Divorce and Remedies

Astrological Reason Behind Divorce

Marriage is a sacred bond in which two unknown people promise to live with each other for a lifetime. But in today’s stressful environment, there are often differences between husband and wife. Today 65% ​​of couples are facing a marriage breakup. The problem of divorce is increasing. The concept of divorce has never been in Indian society. In Indian culture, the wife was committed to supporting her husband throughout his life. In the medieval period, the tradition of Sati was also developed.

But today, even in the modern era, Indian society is not comfortable with divorce. Still, a little leniency can be seen in society for men. Relationships start coming again. But society still looks at divorced women with bad eyesight. People feel that there must be something wrong with this.

A sacred bond like marriage is a special feeling for every person, but this special feeling can turn into a very stressful and depressive period if the husband and wife do not get along.

But in the end, when husband and wife are unable to support each other, they end their relationship by divorce. It is the ultimate solution in a marriage that separates husband and wife from each other legally. According to astrology, dosh in the horoscope of husband and wife can also be the reason for divorce. If there is a dosh in the horoscope of either of them, then there is discord in the house. Astrology plays a very important role in your love life. There are many signs in astrology that can lead to your divorce and there are many astrological ways to save and solve your marriage from divorce.

In the horoscope, there is a quarrel between husband and wife due to these yogas:

  • Jupiter is considered to be the causative planet of marriage and the place of marriage is the seventh place of the horoscope. If the sight of Sun, Jupiter, Rahu, Mars, Saturn planets falls at this place of horoscope then the married life of the native is full of trouble.
  • Sun planet is present in the seventh place of the horoscope, then there will be strife between the husband and wife.
  • If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope of the native, then the person remains in dispute over trivial matters in marital life.

After all, why does divorce happen according to Vedic astrology:

Planets play a very important role in divorce in any married life. Most of the divorces and marital issues are due to planetary dosh present in our horoscope. Planets play a very important role in deciding the future of a person. Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Sun are the major causes of divorce in our horoscope. It is necessary to consider the position and position of Venus and Jupiter when predicting marriage and divorce.

Astrological reasons behind divorce:

In Indian astrology, some such planetary positions are analyzed which are responsible for the divorce. Just as every person is different from each other, in the same way his horoscope is also special. But there are also some equations of planets which if in the horoscope, then there is often a divorce situation.

  • If the lord of the birth sign and the Venus of the seventh house is afflicted by the moon in the birth chart of the native, there is a possibility of separation.
  • If the lord of the fourth house in the horoscope is situated in the sixth house or vice versa, then the lord of the sixth house falls in the fourth house, then the matter of separation reaches the court.
  • Rahu Ketu Saturn etc. are considered to be due to cruel planetary separation. If the effects of these planets are affecting both the seventh or eighth house simultaneously, then the native has to face the problem of divorce in marital life.
  • In case, Saturn, Venus, or Rahu planets are situated in the lagan house in the birth chart of a person, then the chances of divorce in marital life are highest.
  • If the owner of the seventh and twelfth house is changing the zodiac between themselves or if one of the two is changing with Rahu, then this situation also causes divorce.
  • In the horoscope, if the owner of the sixth house is retrograde, then the divorce case goes on for a long time in court.
  • Even if a planet is retrograde and its sight is on Venus, the matter remains stuck in the court for a long time.

So if everything is not going well in the married life, then do take the advice of a qualified astrologer once. Maybe there is a stir in life due to horoscope dosh. Qualified astrologers also give adequate remedies. Let’s explore some effective remedies…

  • Saturn is defective in the horoscope of the person, then the person should wear seven faces Rudraksha must take astrological advice to calm the planet with it.
  • If there is a possibility of divorce in your horoscope, then you have to wake up every morning and worship Ganesh Ji and offer Laddu Bhog.
  • If there is a situation of divorce due to Rahu Dosh in the horoscope of the native, then wear eight Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • A man should wear a diamond after consulting some good astrologer. This will bring peace to the family life. And the wealth will increase.
  • The easiest and simplest way to get rid of marital discord and divorce is to worship Lord Rudravatar Hanuman daily. If Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and the Sun planets are in the seventh house of the horoscope, then the Native should go to the Hanuman temple. This will make your married life normal.

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