The Five “Pillars of Spirituality” – Art of Living

The Five “Pillars of Spirituality” – Art of Living

Five pillars of spirituality

In today’s modern era, most of the peoples are suffering from some kind of anxiety or depression. Most people don’t address it. But some take it seriously and why not they do so? In such a situation people move towards spirituality because it teaches the lesson of love and humanity. The spiritual experience also has a deep connection to a specific part of our brain and it also keeps you away from negativity.

What is Spirituality?

A common definition of spirituality may be that it is a means of attaining the feeling of divine stimulation, which is different from religion. Spirituality is an inner path that enables a person to discover the essence of existence. Spiritual practice includes behavior, meditation, prayer and contemplation, a person’s desire for the development of inner life. Spirituality often results in the realization of a greater truth, leading to a wider self associated with other individuals or human communities.

Spirituality is experienced as a source of inspiration or guideline in life. The immaterial realities of which can include belief or experience of being or the undetectable nature of the world. Being spiritual does not mean turning away from one’s responsibilities or renouncing worldly pleasures, but its real meaning is to recognize the power inside you. To realize that we are responsible for the situation we are in, no one else but us. That is, to know and understand oneself is spirituality. At the same time being spiritual also means to be happy in every situation and to expand positive thinking inside yourself. Obviously, when you think well, remain positive, your mind will also be healthy.

Spiritual Impact on Human Life:

Scientists have studied the effect of the human mind on having a spiritual experience. According to a study, spiritual experience has the same effect on everyone’s mind, irrespective of religion or sect. During this time a particular part of the brain becomes active, no matter how different the spiritual experience of the person is. According to the study, in a spiritual experience, a person breaks contact with the present time and tries to understand his own sense of self. The spiritual experience may look different from the outside, but from the inside, it is the same.

This study also shows a sense of equality on spiritual grounds in all religions. The feeling of unity with others and compassion for nature and animals also increases. The minds of people of all religions, sects, and genders react in the same way during a spiritual experience. The gap between different religions can be reduced based on spiritual studies.

Spirituality basis

Over the years, science has confirmed many positive mentals, physical, and emotional health benefits of living a spiritual life. Many scientists, saints, astrology, etc. have accepted the five Pillars of spiritual life.

1. Trust Yourself

The basic reason for outdoor situations is to accept your state of mind. To experience the dignity, glory, and potential of self-power. You should keep in contact with others, but you should not depend on anyone because you came alone and you have to go alone. So much should be added with the fact that to make a single decision and to fulfill that resolution is to be determined and moving alone. The path to excellence is the one on which people who encourage, guide, and support to walk are often not found. The Public Mind is full of narrow selfishness. People’s belief, thinking, and action flows in a downward flow. Even after following their advice, the web of paranoia can be held in the same area.

2. Meditation

Spiritual life requires the most Meditation practice. It is important to start your day in a positive way with techniques like meditation, yoga, deep relaxation, or prayer. Meditation, as we now know, works on activating and calming various parts of the brain. But developing a regular morning practice, or cultivation, is steeped in the history of health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

3. Serving others

If you have a sense of service towards others, or you only pray silently or meet someone with a smile, then you will feel less stressed. In this way, behaviors improve our physical and mental health. Current thinking directly links this finding to two parallel physiological events: a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, as well as an improvement in immune system function. This is an important step towards spirituality.

4. Seeing the body as Soul

You see yourself as a soul, this body is mortal, one day this body has to be found in the soil, so keep yourself away from this worldly fascination and as much as you are Feel as a soul. See the other person with you as a soul. “The other person is you. He or she carries a spark of God inside like we all do. When you are able to see another as yourself, your conversation will be on a much more loving, intimate, or integrated level. In the simple act of seeing oneself in another, enlightenment becomes possible. And when you live a spiritual lifestyle, you soon not only improve health and mental powers but gain extraordinary prosperity and meaning in your life.

5. Righteousness

Righteousness means duty devotion. The Eid revolves around the axis of righteousness in the practice of ethical and benevolent service. His uninterrupted parts are self-restraint and a display of determination and courage for increased purpose. Bribery is a sign of animal instinct. People who live in crimes, only Satan lives. Man’s level is higher than this. He is founded on dignity, morality, and decency. This is also called duty devotion. Discharge responsibilities. Keeping the body healthy, keeping the mind balanced, keeping it safe from the psyche, being honest in earning, sharing food, laughing, laughing, raising raises, many responsibilities are associated with personal life. .

 In the scriptures stating the importance of spiritual life, it has been described as a form of divine knowledge. The real form of spirituality should be understood as KarmaYoga. The one who binds himself in the discipline of ideals is truly spiritual. He should also be called a god. Religion and duty-keeping are two-pronged interpretations of the same fact.

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