Stock Market Astrological Predictions: Month Wise Year 2021

Stock Market Astrological Predictions: Month Wise Year 2021

Share Market Predictions

Everyone deliberates several times before investing in the stock market. People invest money in the stock market very thoughtfully. The fear of losing money is natural. It is a very risky gambling business, people mind changes in the stock market in a minute. If someone becomes a millionaire, then anyone can become zero. There are two aspects to every coin that cannot be denied in this gambling.

Role of Stock Market in Astrology

Astrology plays a very important role in the stock market. The position of planets affects the stock market to a huge extent. However, astrologers usually consider planets beneficial for finances and money. Jupiter is the most beneficial planet for finance and banking. Rahu indicates negative things in a person’s horoscope and is considered indecent, but when talking about the financial market, in the stock market, the role of the Rahu planet is very important, helping the stock market to go higher. i.e, As both Jupiter and Rahu are very lucky for the stock market, its combination is considered very lucky for the stock market. Jupiter will be in Capricorn and Rahu will be in Taurus and conjunct in February 2021. The month before this coincidence, the market will crash.

Role of Planets in Stock Market

The segment of money in shares, speculation, competition comes under the category of sudden gain. According to Astrology, planets in the horoscope have some special position in this way, they get benefited in this way.

In the fifth house of the horoscope, there is a moon and if you have the sight of Venus, then the person can make a lot of profit in the stock market.

In the horoscope, the second house, the house of wealth, and the eleventh house, that is, the lord of the benefic place, is sitting in the fourth house and they have the vision of some auspicious planet, then you can suddenly find the money.

If there are any auspicious planets in the center place of the horoscope ie first, fourth, seventh and tenth house, then if the person horoscope is in a strong position, then the person gets good profits in the stock market.

If you are born in Pisces Lagna and Mercury is in the fifth house in your horoscope and is in the eleventh house i.e. income place, then it makes a sudden profit in share betting.

The stock market is a very volatile, turbulent, and uncertain thing. With this astrological prediction related to the stock market, you can plan the future correctly. We will tell you in this article about the effect of various planets on the stock market this year.
So let’s start the stock market prediction for the year 2021…

Jupiter’s transit during 2021 will be in Aquarius and Capricorn. Shani will take control of both these zodiac signs. Investing in gold at this time will not yield good results. However, stocks of oil, steel, realty, housing, cement, and manufacturing companies will pick up. Read the stock market predictions about 2021 in detail.

January 2021

2021 will be the combination of Saturn and Jupiter in the north Ashada constellation. This period would be best for investing in edible oils. Mercury will pair with Saturn and Jupiter on January 2, at this time the stock market such as FMCG shares, Chinese stocks and textile sector companies will see positive momentum.

There will be good profits in the stock market in January. Stocks showing positive stocks during this period include Chinese stocks, textile companies, FMCG stocks, silver, copper, and MCX gold.

The Sun will enter Capricorn in mid-January as a result of which demand will increase in shares of woolen garments and capital goods. In addition, demand for edible oil, flax, and turmeric will increase in the commodity market. If you are looking for a short-term investment, this may be the best time.

February 2021

The investment will be dominated on February 2 as investors show interest in buying stocks of banks, insurance, and logistics. There will be good returns on investment this month. Then Mercury moves into Capricorn. Therefore, it is good to buy stocks of chemical companies and the IT sector at this time. There is a huge demand for mining, steel, and crude oil companies this month. The market may see volatile in the last week of the month. At this time the demand for silver and gold on MCX increases.

March 2021

During the first week of March 2021, the investment will be in favor. There will be a lot of demand in the automobile sector. However, traders need to be cautious between the 4th to 7th of the month.

Short-term investors can make a profit in this period. The banking sector remains favorable for the investor. Stocks of metals and commodities may increase. Investing in rice sector companies this month is expected to bring good returns. On the 31st, the Sun enters Revathi Nakshatra.

April 2021

This month Mars will enter Mrigashira Nakshatra, resulting in increasing demand for automobiles. Traders should be cautious during this period as demand may abruptly decrease. Prudent investors should keep buying every fall as the investment market will pick up again on the 11th. Investors need to wait for some time. Protective measures during this period are very important. After that Jupiter will enter Aquarius, due to which stock prices can be seen in the banking sector, clothing and MCX. Then the Mercury planet will enter Revathi Nakshatra and make its association with the Sun, as a result, buying stocks in the pharma sector, software, IT, insurance and finance can prove to be a good profit. After that, Mars will transit in Saturn, after which you can invest in the mining sector, automobile, gas, and steel related companies. After that the planet Mercury will enter Taurus on the 30th.

May 2021

Venus will enter Taurus on 4th and thus will be the combination of Mercury and Rahu. Demand for FMCG shares will increase on MCX, precious metals will see a rise in the prices of gold and silver. After Mercury enters Rohini constellation, there will be a drop in the shares of woolen goods. Venus will enter Mrigashira Nakshatra on the 23rd and will have a conjunction with Mercury. In Capricorn, Saturn will start retrograde motion. . Sugar, jaggery, gold, and crude oil will be in demand in the commodity market during this period. Surya enters Rohini Nakshatra and reunites with Rahu on the 25th. Therefore, this time will not be good for the stock market. Sensex will be down this time. Therefore, avoid investing for the long term. Last week of the month will be good for investment. Shares of banking sector, insurance, pharma and IT remain in demand.

June 2021

At the beginning of this month, Mars will enter Cancer. Retrograde Mercury will enter Vrisha and make a union with Rahu and Surya. In addition, the retrograde Mercury will set in the West on the. As a result, demand for the copper, refinery, and crude oil companies will remain normal, after which Mars will enter Pushya Nakshatra, which will increase the demand for gold and copper in the market.

Due to the combination of Venus and Sun in Gemini, there is a possibility of falling in the market till 15th, due to which traders need to be cautious. . The Sun will enter Ardra Nakshatra on the 22nd. Saturn will be seen on Venus and Mars. The index will remain weak in the market in the last week of the month.

July 2021

In July, stock market traders will see positive. Investments can take command of the market between the 6th and 10th of the month. Traders will need to avoid making any new investment till the 12th. When the Sun enters the Cancer sign, there may be a surge in the market. The investor is expected to earn profits by the 17th. On the 26th, Mercury will conjunct the Sun in the Pushya Nakshatra. This Yuti will get sight from Saturn located in Capricorn. Demand for shares of the banking sector, logistics, insurance, and finance sector will increase.

August 2021

Mercury and Sun will enter Ashlesha Nakshatra this month after which you can invest in capital goods, electronics, and pharma stocks. The third day of the month is very good for investors. Ketu will enter the Anuradha-Tritiya Padam and Rahu will enter the Rohini-Pranam Padam.  Silver stocks may rise. Mercury will enter the Magha Nakshatra and Leo sign on the 8th of August and will make a union with Mars and Venus. This subtle conjunction advances the aspect of Jupiter. As a result, demand for metals and cotton companies may increase. On the 11th of august, you can invest in chemical and luxury automobile stocks. You can see fluctuations in the stock market this month with volatility.

September 2021

Mercury will enter Hasta Nakshatra this month, due to which a new experience will be seen in Chinese, FMCG, and rice sector companies. On 5th, Mars will conjunct Mercury in Virgo and Venus will enter its zodiac sign. Due to which demand for gold, silver, textiles, cotton, woollen and sugar sector companies will increase further. This bullish trend is likely to continue till the 13th. Due to the aspect of Saturn on the sign of Venus in Libra, the market will increase again.

On 14th, retrograde Jupiter will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. The possibility that traders will get benefits will soon be over. The rise of Mercury in the West may cause a sudden slowdown in the market. Prudent investors will get great opportunities to buy heavy industry stocks at low rates by the end of the month.

October 2021

Mercury will enter Virgo and will pair with Mars and Sun, due to which demand for sugar, cotton, turmeric, and silver will increase, as well as investing in insurance, finance and bank shares can give you profit. is. On 8th, demand will increase in shares of rice sector companies. Saturn will start the retrograde momentum on the 11th and prompt the investor to buy shares of companies in metals, liquor, oil, coal, and petroleum sectors. This bullish trend is likely to continue till the 17th. Mercury will form a conjunction with Mars and Jupiter with Saturn. Investors may be disappointed due to sudden changes in the market. Currently, stocks of companies in the IT, software, textiles, and FMCG sectors will see a boom.

November 2021

Mercury is considered to be the factor of trade that will enter Libra and will be conjunct Mars and Surya which will boost the banking sector, insurance, textiles, FMCG, and finance sector stocks. On November 14, Mercury will enter the Vishakha constellation, due to which it may be best for you to invest in automobiles, capital goods, and pharma stocks. However, be cautious between the 20th and the 23rd of the month as the stock market may fall. Due to the rise of Mars in the east on the 29th, it will give positive investment. You can invest in stocks of companies like energy, electricity, and sugar.

December 2021

Venus will enter the Uttara Ashada Nakshatra and Mercury planet Jyestha Nakshatra. Due to which you can invest in FMCG shares. It would also be good to invest in shares of textile companies. On December 4, Mars will enter the Scorpio zodiac sign and will form a combination of Mars, Ketu, and the Sun. This will affect FMCG, Gold, Silver, and Capital Goods shares. Venus will be retrograde on the 19th and due to this demand for wool and garments stocks will also increase. This time, demand for raw material, gas, and steel stocks will increase.

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