Lines on Forehead: Face Reading | Revealing a lot about you!

Lines on Forehead: Face Reading | Revealing a lot about you!

lines on forehead

According to the scriptures, the lines of hands and forehead say a lot. It is said that these lines reveal the secrets of your future and make everything narrated. These forehead lines are also mentioned in Samudra Shashtra and given major importance. Through the lines of the forehead, it can be told very easily that in which field the native can perform well, how will his/her behavior be.

There are mainly seven lines on the forehead, which are considered while face reading. Let’s explore what these seven lines reveal…

1. Saturn Line

This line is above the Jupiter Line. This line is not very long, only visible in the middle of the forehead. A native with Saturn line visible clearly, is of serious nature. Such people can be successful magicians, astrologers or tantric. The native never lacks money. If this line is fragmented and unclear then one has to face a lot of trouble in his life.

2. Jupiter Line

The Jupiter Line is positioned below the Saturn line on the forehead. This line is usually slightly longer than the Saturn line. On whose forehead this line appears long and clear, is confident and truthful. Such native earn fame as government officials or an educator. Such natives are spiritual. Natives with light or uneven Jupiter line are involved in sin deeds.

3. Mars Line

Mars Line is below the Jupiter line between the forehead. A native with a clear Mars line is usually blessed with auspicious qualities… Courageous, Self-respecting, Heroic, Virtuous, Visionary, Intelligent, and Creative. Such people can be officers or at a senior commanding position in Army/ Police or any administrative post. If line is darker, then nature of native will be very angry.

4. Sun Line

The location of this line is above the eyebrow of the right eye of the native. This line is not very long, only limited above the eye. If this line is visible clearly then such a person has amazing understanding. Such people like to be in discipline. They affect people very quickly with their principles and practice. If this line is blurred on the forehead, then such people have to face the difficulties in their life.

5. Venus Line

It occurs only in the central part just above the Mercury line. This line is shorter. If this line is seen clearly, then such a person is fortunate enough to be full of elation, hope, and enthusiasm. Such people are high on vitality, itinerant, beauty lovers, and are serious on urgent issues. If this line is not clear, then the fate of such people does not support them.

6. Mercury Line

The location of this line is approximately in the middle of the forehead and goes from the middle to both ears. Sometimes, the person is seen touching the edges of both sides. If this line is full of auspicious qualities, then such a person has a sharp memory, is interested in artistic works, thinks of right and wrong. In his fortune, a lot of wealth is written.

7. Moon Line

The moon line shows the financial ups and downs of life. This line is just above your left eyebrow. If this line is simple, straight, and clear, then such a person is artistic, reclusive, with developed intelligence, and imaginative. Native is interested in the fields of painting, singing, music, etc. If this line was fragmented and unclear, then the probability of financial loss to the individual would prevail.

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