Indian Economy in 2021: Astrological Predictions

Indian Economy in 2021: Astrological Predictions


In the year 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, not only Indian but also the global economy got affected. But the new year 2021 will bring many big changes along with it. In such a situation, it is important to assess the ups and downs, recovery, and opportunities that can come up in the new year 2021. Let’s know what astrological analysis says about the Indian Economy in 2021…

The Indian economy had witnessed the biggest decline so far since the beginning of the financial year 2020. As we step into the new year, Jupiter will transit in Aquarius on April 6. This transition will prove to be good for the Indian economy. At the same time, the Indian economy will be benefited when India emerges as Asia’s fastest-growing economy.

This will create additional demand which is expected to lead to changes in strong economic growth. Recovery is expected to improve further during the July – September quarter, and GDP will grow faster than before. However, by September to November, there will be a slight decline in economic growth when Jupiter will once again enter Capricorn. There will be political contradictions during this transit which will also affect the Indian economy. Overall, GDP growth is expected to average between 8 and 9 percent in 2021. Due to weak Jupiter and strong Saturn, the Indian economy is expected to continue contraction and is likely to be around 8% in Financial Year 21

In the middle of June, both Jupiter and Mercury will remain in retrograde, due to which the Sensex will touch more height during this time. It is expected to come down between September and October, after which it will rise again. In addition, the period from 2nd June to 21st July and 22nd October to 5th December are sensitive periods that can create stock market volatility. By the end of 2021, the Sensex is expected to cross the 60,000 marks.

Improvement in Economy in 2021

By July, due to the condition of the Moon and Saturn, the Indian economy will be impressive. After that, there will be changes in banking and fiscal policy in the Indian economy under the full moon and mercury conditions. This year, a new arrangement may also apply. This year, the government may also announce a financial stimulus package.

Impact of Geopolitics on India

India will have a significant impact on mutual relations between the USA, China, and the Middle East. India will emerge as a force on the global stage. During the solar eclipse in June, India may fall in the grip of other nations. The transit of Mars in the Cancer zodiac between July and it will be influenced by Saturn can also face a deep political and military crisis globally. During this time India may also face internal conflict with Pakistan or China which can take the form of a major crisis.

In 2021, there are possibilities to witness some important developments in real estate, media, and online entertainment broadcasting platforms such as new regulations and policies in areas like Railways, Airline Industry, Auto, Transport, Telecom, IT, and Banking.

Due to the emphasis on the development of infrastructure, the demand for oil and fuel will increase, due to this demand, the government can also bring a new policy in the production of fossil fuels. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) may extend Saudi Aramco’s buyout plans to Reliance Industries Ltd. and will seek to complete refinery expansion projects. In addition, initiatives will be taken towards the expansion of power generation sources such as solar and wind.

Planetary influence in the Real estate sector

Due to the strengthening of the planet Saturn in India’s horoscope, there is good hope of development in the real estate sector this year. The construction industry is expected to grow as delayed infrastructure and real estate projects are expected to be completed. Due to the strong Mercury in India’s horoscope, demand will increase.

Predictions about Job Market

Till March, the job market will remain face to face and there will be large-scale unemployment in the economy. From April onwards, the Indian job market will see a boom. From July, India will see an increase in technical jobs due to the planet Mercury. The technicals will be employed extensively by companies to learn digitization. There is a possibility of institutionalizing new innovative HR policies by corporates between February and March, which will implement new norms for recruitment and performance. Overall, the Indian economy will receive many new opportunities in 2021 and new opportunities will make the Indian economy its new identity as an emerging power in the world. However this year there will be many such challenges that will be hindering our economy from reaching up, but even after all these challenges, India will go all the way up by addressing all these issues.

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