Did Astrology fail to predict Coronavirus?

Did Astrology fail to predict Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Astrology

Last year was really bad for everyone. In 2020, the entire world was struggling with a new disease that forced people to live in homes. Lakhs of people said goodbye to the world in Coronavirus. Due to this pandemic, millions of people had to face unemployment.

Because of the Coronavirus infection, at a time when millions of people were enjoying themselves in the country, at the same time, on the other side, many have to face a livelihood crisis.

There was an outcry in the whole world. People started believing in God, asking Doctors and Scientists that when this global pandemic will end? Many astrologers made different predictions about Coronavirus based on their analysis.

From the astrological viewpoint, crises like the corona virus arise when the combined powers of nature, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter were transiting in a weak state. This corona cycle began on 26 December 2019 by solar eclipse. When Rahu, Ketu and Saturn were in the original constellation along with Mercury, Sun, Moon and Jupiter.

A lunar eclipse also occurred just 14 days after the said solar eclipse. All these planets again suffered from Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. As soon as Ketu reached its original constellation on January 15, the coronavirus rapidly started harassing people. Now it started infecting people of different countries on a scale. Ketu reappeared on 23 September 2020, due to which the time of September was very precautionary. Both Rahu and Ketu are called Rudra planets. The word originates from the Sanskrit metal Rud, which means to cry. Rahu hurts Sun and Moon and Ketu constellations.

Astrology behind the rapid recovery of Covid patients

Sun is also passing through Bhadrapada Nakshatra. It is the source of energy in this solar system. This is why a large number of patients are also recovering. Due to this placement of the Sun on March 2021, there may be some major achievements in the medical field. Sun will be in Revathi Nakshatra in March and April. It is the constellation of salvation. Here the sun will be weak and there are chances that this pandemic may take a big shape. But after April, the Sun will transit its high zodiac sign, Aries.

Present-day Corona Status and Astrological outlook:

According to astrology, future events can be predicted in the present. This information can be analyzed by looking at the position of the planets. In the context of Corona, the role of planets like Rahu, Guru, Saturn, and Pluto was important. When the planet Jupiter orbited in Sagittarius, the effect of corona started to decrease gradually and the effect will be less if it will be wayward from December 13. When Mars transits in Aries, the economy of the country and the world will improve. Some kind of vaccine can be formed only after Rahu enters Scorpio. After Jupiter enters Capricorn, the effect of coronavirus will decline but at the same time, a new type of infection can also be noticed in the month of February.

…We will need to be cautious around February 2021. In the coming time, India will come forward to guide the whole world. The era of change has started in 2020, in which the lifestyle of people has changed, people have tried to help each other, Indian culture and traditions have been renewed, between 2022 and 2030, India will come forward in the world by becoming its most distinct identity.

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