Mothers Day 2021: History Behind & Celebration

Mothers Day 2021: History Behind & Celebration

Happy Mothers Day 2021

Being born on this Planet Earth is itself a blessing in disguise. It is a boon for all of our mankind to be born from the womb of our mother without which our existence would be impossible. Every second nearly 4 babies are born across the entire world which resonates with the joy and celebrations in the entire household and the neighborhood. There are many sweet and sensitive memories connected right from the moment when a young girl enters into the new life of motherhood till the offspring are born into this world. The entire lifespan of the nine months is like a journey that none other than a mother experiences which further adds to the emotional and sentimental connection.

Every year all our mothers are blessed and given special care & attention in the form of Mother’s Day.

History Behind Mother Day Celebration

Why Mother’s Day is Celebrated?

It dates back to the 19th century during the Greek era, where there were lots and lots of love, care & attention was given to all the mothers. There was this young girl named Anna Jarvis who was also deeply connected with her mother. She was the only child in the family and was never married during her lifetime. She dedicated her entire life to take care of her mother and used to honor her every second of her life. On the death of her mother, she started off with this tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day.

Ever since then the word got spread to the entire world and was recognized as International Mother’s Day. Since then it also got revolutionized as Hallmark company came into existence and started selling special cards on mother’s day.


Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times during the year. However, in the Indian subcontinent and other major countries, it is being celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year in 2021, it will be celebrated on the 9th of May.

While in some countries mother’s day is considered a holiday, there are many ways in which this day is celebrated all across the world. The day begins by worshipping the mothers by the members of the family. Prayers are sung to Virgin Mary or to the mothers showing love and honor to them. Gifts and other precious things are usually gifted to them. Special care and attention are also given to them. Carnations flowers are given as a special gift in some countries.

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