Easter 2021: History | Meaning & Interesting Facts

Easter 2021: History | Meaning & Interesting Facts

Easter 2021

India is the land of the festival. Here unity in diversity can be seen. With each clan of people, there are different festivals celebrated all across the year. Easter is one such festival prevalent among the people of the Christian community. Good Friday is celebrated on Friday and Easter on Sunday which is considered sacred.

History behind Easter

On this day, the tragic incident involving crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ took place. It is celebrated in the early spring. It was started in the eighth century by St. Beed who was a scholar. Easter is a Pagan festival as per the Hindu ritual which is celebrated on the first Sunday of spring. The main symbol of Easter is an egg. At present, It is a symbol of new rejuvenation, celebration, rebirth, renewal, advancement for the people living on earth, and for every living being.

Meaning of Easter

Easter means victory over the death of Jesus Christ. It is considered as a rebirth of Christianity. It is believed that Jesus sacrificed his life for everyone’s wrongdoings and was reborn again after three days to defeat death and evil.

Interesting facts about Easter & Good Friday

  • The Roman Catholic Church considers Good Friday as a fasting day while according to the Church’s Latin rituals, a full meal along with two small portions is taken.
  • In countries where Good Friday is not a holiday, work is usually stopped for a few hours after 3 pm.
  • The week before Easter is known as The Holy Week or Passion Week which includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.
  • It is also said to be the foundation of Christianity.
  • On this day the bell is not played in the church, but instead, a sound is made with a wooden spoon. People remember God by kissing the cross symbolizing the Lord Jesus Christ.
  •  Many countries such as Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela, Caribbean countries, Germany, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain where Christian traditions are rigorously followed.
  • Ireland is a Catholic country where Good Friday prohibits the sale of all types of alcohol.
  • Eggs have great importance because unlike the bird who first lays eggs in its nest then the chick comes out. Similarly, it is considered an auspicious ceremony here.
  • Kites are flown on Good Friday in Bermuda. The shape and wood of these kites are used as a symbol of the cross on which Jesus died. They symbolize their ascension to heaven.

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