Holika Dahan 2021: Date & Time | Mythology | Puja Method

Holika Dahan 2021: Date & Time | Mythology | Puja Method

Holika Dahan 2021

As we all know India has a rich diversity of festivals spread all across the year. One such festival is called Holi or the festival of “Flying Colors”. It is celebrated between the end of autumn and the beginning of summer on Phalgun Purnima. It is also the time when crops are ready for harvesting. Just a day before Holi the goddess Holika is worshipped while offering prayers to her and is burnt around the sacred fire.

Meaning of Holika Dahan

In Sanskrit food is represented by “Holak” while in Hindi by “Hola” which starts with Holika Dahan. Therefore named Holi. On this day, people embrace food with great joy by offering food to each other. Holi festival is a festival of colors where people forget their hatred and envy only to embrace each other. There are many stories that are associated with Holi. it is marked by lighting the sacred fire one night before the actual festival.

Mythology behind…

Once Hiranyakashyap used to be the king in his times but was very cruel.  His autocracy had increased to such an extent that his subjects used to tremble after hearing his name. He used to consider himself as a god who used to punish all very harshly if they do not worship him. When his son Prahlada found about it, he tried to oppose him. Prahlada was a great worshiper of Brahma which made Hiranyakashyap very furious.

Deeming his son Prahlada as his anti-theist, he tortured him a lot but all his efforts went in vain. Then he ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlada and sit in the holy fire n order to kill him. Holika was blessed with the boon that nothing will happen to her in the fire. But to his astonishment, Prahlada’s ultimate devotion saved him too but on the other hand, he burnt Holika in the fire. That night onwards people perform Holika Dahan in remembrance of the evil deeds of Holika and Prahlada’s unwavering devotion.

Holika Dahan Muhurta

Date: 28th March

Timing: 06:36 PM to 09:56 PM

Duration: 02 Hrs. 19 Minutes

Holy will be on 29th of March.

How to Worship?

Materials Required: One should use one pot of water, garland, roli, rice, Myrah, flower, raw cotton, jaggery, whole turmeric, moong, bachas, gulal, coconut, etc. Apart from this, grains of new crops like ripe gram and wheat strands are also used.

  • While performing the puja, the person performing the puja should go near Holika and sit facing east or north.
  • After this, shields and toys made of cow dung are kept near Holika.
  • A raw yarn should be wrapped around the sacred fire, circling three or seven times.
  • Then offer the pure water from the pot and all other things one by one to Holika.
  • Holika is worshiped as per the Panchopachara method using the scented flowers. Offer water after worshipping.
  • Among the items that are offered in Holika after Dahan are raw mango, coconut, corn or seven grains, toys made of sugar while some of the new crops are also prominent.
  • Sacred ash should be brought into the house.

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