Venus retrograde in Sagittarius | December 19, 2021

Venus retrograde in Sagittarius | December 19, 2021

Venus Retrogrades in Sagittarius

In astrology, Venus is considered the feminine planet. It is also associated with love, marriage, bliss, etc. If the position of it is correct in the natives’ horoscope, then the person spends his life in full enjoyment, luxury, and pleasure. The brightness and glory of Venus are different and unique from other planets.

It is governed by the two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. Taurus rules the second house in the horoscope of the native and Libra rules the seventh house.

Effects of weak Venus

If Venus is weak in one’s horoscope, then the native becomes economically weaker. The native may go through a lot of struggles in earning money, along with the fluctuations in marital life. If Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, health problems may persist. There is also a lack of honor in his life.

Effect of Venus during transit

When Venus transits through any zodiac it slows down its movement. During its progression phase, it reverses its direction and starts moving at a much faster pace. Prior to that it always remains in its retrograde position.

Venus retrogrades from Capricorn to Sagittarius on 04:07 PM, 19th December to 29th January 2022 till 14:18 pm.

Effects of Venus retrograde on Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

The people of the zodiac will be full of energy and enthusiasm. You will be able to build your skillsets. You will also see success in businesses. This will be the most auspicious time for the students. There may be some ups and downs among older couples.

2. Taurus

It rules this sign and is very auspicious when it takes transits through this sign. You will be extremely loyal and affectionate to your partner. You may be a little worried about your finances so you need to control them. You will be very patient and a good listener.

3. Gemini

During this transit you will have a charming and blossoming personality. You will be eager to learn about new things, and share that knowledge with others. At this time you will be jovial  and people will be attracted to you due to your intelligence.

4. Cancer

During this transit, you will become more sensitive and start thinking a lot about everything though you will be kind to others. You may be tough on the outside but will possess a much softer side on the inside. You may feel burdened out, so try to stay away from anxiety. Practice yoga and meditation in your lifestyle.

5. Leo

Getting into new assignments during this period can be difficult for everyone. You will make new friends as per your choice. You will spend a lot in order to get praised and attention going hand to hand. You are likely to spend money on gambling to please stay away from it.

6. Virgo

During this transit, you will feel dissatisfaction in your married life. You will be well behaved and polite in this period and will try to stay fit and healthy. You may face challenges at your workplace.

7. Libra

During this time you will be full of grace and try your best not to hurt anyone. You will be fully committed to your partner and enjoy every moment spent with them. You will also likely to renovate your house with them.

8. Scorpio

During the transit of Venus in this zodiac, the feelings of the native of this zodiac will be intense and you will be emotional during this phase.  This may divert the attention of your loved ones from you as you will be extra involved with them. You will take a keen interest in your works and achieve success with your efforts. There might be some politics behind your back at the workplace. You will experience some mood swings too.

9. Sagittarius

During this transit, you will take a keen interest in decorating your home, as well as you will try to explore new ideas and ways to enhance the places around you. Those who are in the profession of teaching or acting will have a great time as you will be able to attract the attention of people or students with your impressive personality and sensual attitude. You will also see a surplus in your finance and will be able to manage well.

10. Capricorn

During this transit you will work extra hard. You will be honest with your relationship and expect a strong commitment from your partner. You might feel that your relationship goes monotonous so it becomes apparent for your partner to understand you. You will be able to finish your pending tasks.

11. Aquarius

During this period, you may be more creative and imaginative. You also may feel dettached from your loved ones in your relationship. At the same time you may be socially active and make new friends. However it will fruitful to all the new business ventures and existing ones as they will see it grow.

12. Pisces

During this transit, you will expect a lot of hope in your love life. You will use your feelings rather than being practical. You may take suggestions from your seniors or friends before making any decision in your professional life.

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