Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn from Aquarius

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn from Aquarius

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn

Jupiter is considered the most divine planet in Vedic astrology. It enjoys great importance in human life without which one can think of their happiness and prosperity in life.

It will undergo its transition state starting in the month of April 2021. During this transition, it will go from Aquarius on 06th April 2021 changing its course to enter Capricorn on 20th June 2021. It will remain in its new course till 18 December.

Some Key characteristics of planet Jupiter

Jupiter is ruled by Pisces and Sagittarius. In Vedic astrology, any native of this planet is of paramount importance in the horoscope.

If it is weak in the horoscope of the native, then the native is surrounded by many problems. It is associated with knowledge, famine, wealth, success, and having offspring. The constellations Punarvasu, Visakha and Purva Bhadrapada are ruled by this planet. Jupiter is fruitful if it is present in the 5th, 7th, and 9th house.

Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign which is ruled by the planet Saturn. It is naturally fixed by nature. If Mars is with Capricorn then a good high yoga is formed whereas when it is with planet Jupiter, this yoga becomes a rarity.

Due to the presence of Jupiter in Capricorn, the person’s nature becomes more serious, dictatorial in its field, and performs every task in a committed manner.

Effects of Jupiter transit in Capricorn & other Zodiacs

1. Capricorn

The person will be affected by career challenges due to low confidence, energy, and lack of enthusiasm. This transit will not prove to be good enough in financial matters. It may have to face constant pressure to move forward at your workplace. During this time, differences may be seen with the spouse. Although there is no need to worry about health because Saturn is giving protection, but you may have to face laziness and lack of energy.

2. Aries

Being the lord of this zodiac especially of the 9th and 12th houses, it proves to be a beneficial planet for them. It will be going through the 10th house of your horoscope and will be making a conjunction with Saturn. During this time negativity may arise in yourself and tension will prevail in the work area. You can also buy any property during this time. For women, they will not enjoy good relations with the husband and the husband is likely to face problems in his work life.

3. Taurus

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will be in the 9th house which is normal for a career. A competent employee will have to take special care in his field of work. During this transit, you will think of doing something new which is likely to benefit you. Spouse’s younger siblings can cause problems in your married life.

4. Gemini

Jupiter is an auspicious planet for Gemini being the lord of 4th and 7th house. It has a huge contribution in marriage and domestic affairs. Due to this transit from 8th house, there can be progress seen in life and career. Some incidents can happen suddenly. During this time some of you may also face loss of job while for others they will not see any hike in their salary.

5. Cancer

Jupiter is the lord of the 6th and 9th houses and can create a sense of confusion people giving mixed results. During its transit it will be going in the 7th house of Cancer and which is the indicator of marriage, spouse. Be careful about the work area and you could suffer a loss in business.

6. Leo

It will transit through the 6th house and will face enemies at the workplace, so you have extra careful during this time. New job opportunities will also be available however there are high chances that you will not take them for your own benefits. You have to take control of your expenses during this period.

7. Virgo

This will be beneficial for businessmen. There might be high possibility of promotion. If you have made old investments, then you can benefit from it. You can also marry your lover during this time.  Old marital issues will be resolved.

8. Libra

It will be in the fourth house and you get a good sign of mental peace, family, mother and property related issues. You may face slight fluctuations in their career. It can give negative results for wealth and income and you can get trapped in legal money matters. The mother’s health needs the most attention.

9. Scorpio

It will prove most fruitful for Scorpio people. Promotion or salary hike is seen and relationships with people at work sites can be sweet and might get opportunities to travel abroad. You will pay special attention to savings and there will be full support from siblings.

10. Sagittarius

The transit of Jupiter will boost the second house and you will see a sharp rise in income. The months of May, June and July will be the best for wealth, so plan accordingly. The relationship between parents and siblings will be normal.

11. Aquarius

It will be present in your 2nd and 11th house which is not going to give good results. You may face many obstacles during this time if you wish to travel abroad. There may be a lot of ups and downs, losses in business. During this time there may be differences between you and your partner. Pay special attention to your health during this time.

12. Pisces

It will transit through the 11th house and provide you lot of gains and achievements in your life. During this time, you will also witness progress in your career. Jupiter is the lord of this zodiac. You can face issues like laziness, may face indulgence and luxury going shoulder to shoulder. This time will be very suitable for you in your professional and personal life.

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