An Act of Forgiveness- Act of Self Love

An Act of Forgiveness- Act of Self Love

An Act of Forgiveness

In the previous section, we have discussed part one of the series titles “The Power of Silence”. So, let us move to the next part which is named “The act of forgiveness”. As we all must be wondering what the role and significance of it in our daily lives are. We all humans do have the tendency to do mistakes either intentionally or by chance both of which have their own consequences.

Also, every individual born on this planet has different reactions to each possible occurrence happening in their life. We sometimes do lose control of our emotions and often end up making a big heap of a mountain even if the size of that event is that of a tiny mole.

Pre Ancestral Evidence

Right from the beginning, there has been an ancient tradition of following a set of rules and procedures while being a part of the living society. Under normal conditions, these are essential to be a responsible citizen being. But on the contrary, these very set of rules and regulations are once proven to be inefficient in the long due to the increase in changing life conditions as we see today in the modern world.

Over time one must adapt to the changing conditions and do allow some level of freedom to the next future generation. If one fails to be in sync with the changing world then one often feels burdened eventually turning into a rebel. This in turn makes us commit many mistakes in life that are often neglected and ignored at times. However, over time we do have to put a restriction on these mistakes which can prove fatal and dangerous in the long run leading to drastic effects in society.

We do have a mindset that the elders of our ancestral generation do possess a lot of experiences and they were considered as role models for the next generations to come after them. During their reign, it was mainly the part of a male-dominated society where they were given prime importance and were considered as the bread makers of the family. There was no or very little freedom given to the female citizens as they were the childbearing machines while their importance was kept at the feet of their husband whose only responsibility for to look after them and their children. They were subject to many bondages and restrictions to the family and were never allowed to show their face to anybody outside their families.

Often, we must have heard that they were constantly tormented by their in-laws and elders always looking for an opportunity for finding faults and criticizing them. While to some extent it does make some sense to keep it under control and to make them learn from their mistakes but on the other hand criticizing always would not be a healthy alternative if we look at this point of time. We always fail to realize the possible outcome for it if we keep pointing out the mistakes in others.

Modern approach in todays generation

Let us gather some human insight into it. Often, we do have a habit of pointing out the mistakes in others be it small or big. But if look at the much bigger picture just think of what might happen if we do not possess the ability to forgive them. Though some might let go of the thought that it is fine with them and they will tend to forget about it pretending it never happened in their life and move on with their regular routine.

Some of you might not even consider the fact that one may alter it to their ego to such an extent that even they simply ignore it, but somewhere deep down their heart, they do not even bother it give a second thought to it. Over course of time, they will have this negative image of the person in mind throughout their life holding down a sort of a grudge against it. We never do realize how many mistakes have made in our lives as well if we turn back to time and how often we have been forgiven by our parents, friends, family relatives, or elders no matter how big the issue is.

We as an individual do understand that there is always a first time for every possible new thing which we learn or see what others are doing. It is natural for us to have an adrenaline rush and express our emotions in front of others to let them know what we are feeling or what thoughts are perpetuating in our minds. No two individuals are the same in their nature or personalities nor do they have the same level of handling human emotions. Here our zodiac sign comes into play along with the planetary positions in the horoscope. We do get emotionally attached to someone which often leads to sentimental issues.

Now when it comes to the confrontment, one may feel slightly overwhelmed than the other that might make one feel threatened by the fact that it might happen again. No matter how we make up to that person or an individual, we never get it even trying for the million eons of the time. We will discuss the consequences of holding onto your grudges in the third installment of the series.

What does it mean ?

An Act of Forgiveness does not simply mean that you have forgiven the person. What we meant by this is that no matter how big or small the mistake is, you have fully forgiven the person all by your heart and you have no grudges or regrets with that person. We often do say things which we do not mean by heart just for the sake of it. We may start taking that person in a different way or rather pretend that it never exists in our life or we may start ignoring or avoiding it.

Even though it is completely normal for them but in the long run do not realize the consequences or sufferings from them. Forgiving does not make you big or small at heart. However, if we do have the heart to forgive one another rather it narrows our mind down to such an extent we tend to lose our focus, concentration. We do not get to the best of our potential and we do start making even more mistakes only to dig our own graveyard.

Furthermore, it becomes of prime importance that one should realize that every individual does deserve a second chance for everything. Even if we look back at the Vedic Era even the mightiest Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh did commit some serious mistakes in their life which were beyond our imagination then also they were forgiven by the others and still considered at the highest place in the whole universe. There are a great many battles and revolts fought in order to get the desired place in society. It has been in generations after generations, even our elders and ancestors have committed many mistakes in their life and still been forgotten for countless times.


Now the very question that comes into the mind of today’s generation is that why we have so much grudge and hatred in our lives. Why do not we succumb to our own shortcomings and instead of working upon them we do criticize others. You don’t have a big heart to forgive others for their mistakes rather than holding on to their grudges? Why can’t we live in a sense of much peace and a harmonious world rather than thinking of conflicts and turmoil?

Why we do not have peace of mind in everything we do? It is high time we put on our thinking caps and think logically and make a rational decision. It does not matter to the person against whom you are behaving this way. But it does matter to the one who narrows down its mind to such an extent. They need our blessing more than we do because they will not realize their own mistakes sooner or later.

Always do remember the kind act of forgiveness and have a big brave heart.

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