Affect of 9 planets in our lives and how to please them

Affect of 9 planets in our lives and how to please them

Affect of 9 Planets & How to please them_

According to Vedic Astrology, 9 planets “Navgrahas” play the most vital role in our lives. The positioning of these planets during Birth and their movement throughout the life of natives is said to decide our Present, Past, and Future. In Hinduism, we worship these 9 planets to remove their malefic effects and bring in happiness.

How each planet affect our Live?

1. Sun (Surya)

Based on Vedic Astrology, Sun is the father of the Solar System. The Sun in Vedic astrology represents authority, power, and ego. It also represents self-esteem, pride, spirituality, and soul. Due to this, the Sun is the Atma karaka, the one which signifies your soul.

2. Moon (Chandra)

Moon is a planet of harmony, beauty, imagination, psychology in Astrology and the natural significator of the mother, emotion, mental condition, imaginative power, market place, mind, prosperity, trading, peace of mind.

3. Mars (Mangal)

With fire as its element, Mars in Vedic astrology is a masculine planet signifying strength and supremacy. The positive influence of this fiery planet is associated with courage, enthusiasm, activity, youth, vitality, dynamism, confidence, initiation, innovation, and originality.

4. Mercury (Buddha)

It is the significator of your intellect, wisdom, speech, mindset, among many other aspects of your life. The planet determines the sense of the world around you and how you form bright new ideas and present it to others.

5. Jupiter (Brihaspati)

The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology has a great significance. … The planet is said to be highly spiritual. It is the symbol of devotion, worship, and prayer. The planet Guru is one of the most effective planets in the birth chart and inimical to the planet Venus. Jupiter is closely connected to the kids and wealth.

6. Venus (Shukra)

Venus represents the wife for men and marriage in any horoscope. It is the indicator planet for the seventh house, the house of marriage, and legal business partnership. If it is placed well in the horoscope, it provides good marital life. Venus governs all professions and careers related to art, entertainment, beauty products, luxury, and costly, items, food items especially sweets.

7. Saturn (Shani)

In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn has been called the fruit bearer of karma. The native will benefit directly from it. Due to the influence of Shani, the person works hard, is actionable and just. With the grace of Shani, the native achieves success in his field. The person becomes patient and serious.

8. Rahu

In Hindu Astrology Rahu represents materialism, mischief, fear, unsatisfaction, obsession, and confusion. Rahu is also associated with politicians and occult sciences. Like Ketu, Rahu is also an enemy against the sun and moon.

9. Ketu

If Rahu is the planet of worldly desire, then Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desire or spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution or the refinement of materialization to spirit. Ketu is considered responsible for moksha, sannyasa, self-realization, a wavering nature, restlessness, the endocrine system, and slender physique.

All these 9 planets have both auspicious and malefic effect in a natives life. It totally depends on placement of these planets in natives horoscope.
In Vedic Astrology, remedies are also prescribed to lower the malefic of planets. Some of remedies are listed below:

Remedies to lower the malefic effects of planets:

1. Remedies for Sun

Do Japa of Sun mantra 108 times daily starting from Sunday. {Shukla paksha).

Wear Surya Yantra after getting its puja done on Sunday.

2. Remedies for Moon

Moon represents mother, thus those under the strong influence of a weak Moon in horoscope should never go against the wishes of their mother. They should pay respect to her and never quarrel.

You could use silver made utensils and wear silver jewelry to empower Moon in your horoscope.

3. Remedies for Mars

If you have a weak or malefic Mars in horoscope, donating sweets to religious places close by would be helpful.

You should never forget to buy gifts for your female siblings on their birthdays, anniversaries and occasions.

4. Remedies for Mercury

You could also keep a silver glass handy and use it to drink water daily. This helps alleviate the negative outcomes of Mercury’s position.

One of the most effective remedies for Mercury is to feed cows, at least once a day before you sit to eat.  You should especially feed them with green grass, spinach and other green vegetables.

5. Remedies for Jupiter

If you have been unable to seek help from spiritual gurus or are cheated recurrently, practicing meditation can be one of the most effective remedies for Jupiter

To mitigate Jupiter’s negative influence, you should wear something yellow on your head, like a cap, scarf, or turban.

6. Remedies for Venus

Those under the influence of a weak Venus in horoscope should never repeat their clothes without washing first. Wearing unwashed clothes could aggravate the negative results.

Keeping a square silver item in your wallet or purse also proves helpful in keeping the negativity of Venus to the minimum.

7. Remedies for Saturn

Assisting blind individuals also calms Saturn.

You should avoid having milk at night to nullify Saturn’s ill-effect. Moreover, always prefer to have cow milk only.

8. Remedies for Rahu

Storing water in the south-west corner of your home is also one of the effectual remedies for Rahu.

You can also keep a peacock feather with you to mitigate the effect.

If marital life gets affected due to Rahu’s presence, native should keep 5 radishes on the bedside of spouse and throw it in flowing water body in the morning for 5 Saturdays.

9. Remedies for Ketu

People born under the malefic influence of Ketu should also take care of dogs and offer shelter to street dogs.

Donating monochrome plaid blankets to the homeless and downtrodden is one of the most effective remedies for Ketu.

Natives should follow these remedies to lower the malefic effects of these 9 planets in their horoscope. Astrological Remedies are really effective to a large extent if followed properly.

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