Why are Millenials so into astrology?

Why are Millenials so into astrology?

Millennials in Astrology

Millennials into Astrology

Astrology is an ancient practice, but its popularity seems to be bigger than ever nowadays. Based on Researches, millennials are less religious than other age groups, but 60% of them believe in Spirituality and Meditation. Meanwhile, psychic practices and life coaching is becoming popular. Astrologers contribute a major part to it.

With the growing technology, there comes a lot of changes. People who want to know what is written in their Stars, do not need to cast their chart or read pages to find their Horoscopes. There listed thousands of apps and web portals to provide detailed Horoscope along with Predictions and suggest remedies too.

1. Astrology is a self-recognizing method

Many of us fight in trying to figure out who we are on a larger scale. We take online personality tests and we measure ourselves in comparison to others in order to identify ourselves separate from the rest. Astrology offers an in-depth interpretation of our lives that can serve as a way of identifying parts of us that we might not otherwise see on our own.

Many who study their astrological birth charts (a map of the sky when you were born) can attest to the accuracy in which it describes one’s personality and their life.

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2. It’s becoming much easier to know your Stars

With the expansion of the internet in the last couple of years, astrology has really become more accessible to everyone with easy-to-use websites and apps. These platforms now compute all of the calculations needed in order to interpret the movement of the planets over one’s birth chart.

These planetary transits and retrogradation used to be done manually using books and math components making it a much more complicated process, but those days are gone now. You no longer have to have special connections or hard-to-find astrology books to dive into your personal horoscope!

3. It provides something to trust in

Living in a day in age that feels more erratic than stable, it makes sense why we would look for something outside of this world to put our faith into; something that gives sensibility to the random and sometimes difficult experiences in our lives.

When people turn to astrology they’re often looking for reassurance in why certain events are happening and whether times will turn for the better.

For example, when someone throws their laptop during mercury retrograde, it’s easy for astrology-believers to chalk it up to erratic planetary energy as a way to feel better about it. It’s become a form of faith where many believe that everything happens for a reason or as a result of energetic influence.

4. Astrology Tool brackets us humanly

In today’s social media age, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to socialize outside of technology. While our tech devices are a blessing in allowing us to expand our connections, they’re also impeding our ability to converse face to face and connect in a more emotional and real way.

Astrology is making a comeback in everyday social conversations between friends and even strangers; comparing the qualities of their zodiac signs and finding comradery in experiences that correlate to the movement of the planets. Behaving excitedly after finding out your co-worker’s zodiac sign is no longer something of suspicious behavior. Whether it offers a laugh or serious inquisition, people’s interest in astrology can spark very interesting conversations!

5. Shifting of Traditional Belief Systems

There was a point in time when the temple and church were a regular part of our societal structure, where today it’s not as vital in how we conduct our everyday living. The shift from institutional religion to independent spirituality most likely comes from Millennials rebelling against previous ones, but it’s also possible that many now feel liberated in finding faith outside of being told how to find it. The freedom to believe in alternative belief systems is a big push into why astrology is being looked at again and why it’s gaining much popularity in today’s culture.

Astrology in the age of Uncertainty

Millennials who see no contradiction between using astrology and believing in science are fueling a resurgence of the practice.

A new generation of practitioners is meeting the public’s appetite for astrology.

It is common to say that in times of uncertainty people crave certainty. But what astrology offers is not certain – it is distance. Just as a person may find it easier to accept things about himself when he decides he was born that way, astrology makes it possible to view world events from a less reactive position. History is not a linear story of upward progress, but that it moves in cycles, and that historical actors – those who are out of control around us – are archetypes.

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