Vedic Cosmology – Conception of Lokas in the Veda

Vedic Cosmology – Conception of Lokas in the Veda

Vedic Cosmology

We all know right from the beginning that the universe is expanding at a massive pace. There are indeed many theories that support its existence and there are others that are discarded due to the lack of evidence or they are simply neglected due to the non-support of the people.

We also have studied the Big bang theory of how the universe was created with a bang and there were millions of other galaxies that collided and merged into one another. They are gradually moving away from each other and with each new explosion, there are many new galaxies being formed.

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We are also aware of the fact that in Vedic astrology that there were wars between the Demons and the Gods in the ancient Vedic period over the question that who will take the lands or who will take the heaven. The Study of their parallel world which exists beyond the sky and the universe is often referred to as Vedic Cosmology.

The space between hell and heaven is also divided into various small lands which are called the upper seven lands of Heaven and the lower seven lands of Hell.

Let us quicky under the first seven upper lands of the Heaven in brief :

1. Sathya Loka

This is perhaps the highest land of the upper Heaven. Its place is designated to the mystic Lord Brahma. The ones who are the natives of this land conquer the greatest knowledge of divine intelligence is deeply connected to the spiritualistic and meditation. They are not in the possession of any materialistic things and are in a stage of ultimate Nirvana or acquired Moksha or simply bless in peace and Heaven.

2. Tapa Loka

This is the second land situated below the Sathya Loka. Here it is believed that it consists of all sons of the Lord Brahma stayed there in this land. Though they were also quite far away from worldly desires, they devoted their entire life to God but could not acquire a place in the Sathya loka.

3. Jana loka

This is the third land of the upper heaven situated below the Tapa Loka. They mostly consisted of all the sages and the saints who are above and beyond everyone else. They were in possession of the divine knowledge like no other and speed unimaginable to the human mind. Within a blink of an eye, they can traverse from one universe to another. They will always transfer their soul to the highest land Sathaya after their life is desolated.

4. Mahar Loka

This the fourth land of the upper heaven just situated within close range of jana loka. It also consist of the sages and saints just like in the Jana Loka with only a thin line of difference between the two. They do possess the knowledge but less likely less than that of the upper land. This is often considered as the critical point in the universe in the inter-galactic space.

5. Swar Loka

This is quite the land much talked about and is commonly known as the Swarga Lok. This is the land where all the beautiful dieties reside there and where all there is always a war going on among the Gods and the Evil Asuras in a hope to attain bliss. The Asuras always intended to conquer the world and spread their ideologes across the entire universe. Their existence depends entirely upon their behaviour whether they will travel into the upper land or will be dropped down to the lower land. If they are spiritually inclined them they advance to the upper land and on the contrary if they remain in worldy desires then they dropped down to the lower land as Humans.

6. Bhuvar Loka

This is the land where our universe exists and which is known to us right from the school age. It is the land where all the planetary systems including the entire solar system and our galaxy exist. This is also related to the Vedic astrology and astronomy which depicts the solar and lunar solistics and the existence of the Pole Star.

7. Bhu Loka

This is the land where we the human reside. It is closely connected with the Bhuvar Loka. Here we are always lost in the worldly pleasures and desires that we are not able to acquire nirvana or in constant search of it.

So these are the seven upper lands of Heaven and below it, there are seven lower lands of hell which will be discussed in the next part.

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