Importance of Numbers & Numerology

Importance of Numbers & Numerology

numbers and numerology

We do know the importance of numbers in our daily life. For some, they are their lucky numbers or rather say lucky charm while for others they are just some random numbers. Right from the beginning, we have been told to get a higher number in order to excel in life. We all have been going on in this race for ages and it is a never-ending process. We all have been compared to others for the same thing and in lieu of getting ahead of one another has often resulted in a lot of peer pressure and tension to cope up with this situation.

Do these numbers really play an important role in our lives? Is there really exist a science to study these numbers in order to predict your horoscope. You might not be surprised to know that there really exists a study of numbers known as Numerology. Through which one can easily predict and tell about your life predictions just by looking at your birth date.

Now let us understand this science of numbers and how it works. In numerology, each of the nine numbers starting from one to nine corresponds to the nine planets of the horoscope. Their position is usually fixed in the charts in the 3 by 3 matrix and one only has to place the numbers as per the date of birth of the individual.

Mainly there are two types of digits that are significant in numerology. They are known as the Radical number and others called the Destiny number. The sum of the first two digits of the person who is born in a particular month is called the Radical number.

For example, any person born on the 6th, 15th, 24th of any month will have a radical number of 6 as some of each of the digits adds up to 6. Similarly, if we add all the digits of the date of birth till we get a single digit from 1 to 9, we get the Destiny number. for example any person born on 30-08-1997, then your destiny number will be 3 + 0 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = “1”.

Let’s know the importance of each digit in Numerology

Number 1

People who have a total of “1” possess True Leadership Qualities. they are likely to be at the forefront of any work assigned to them and will not leave any chance to leave an impression on others. They always have the compassion to succeed in life. Natives like to work independently and do not want any restrictions in their life. They also have excellent business instincts which makes make them successful as traders. The number one corresponds to the Sun which itself represents as the leader.

Number 2

People who have a total of “2” are considered to be feminine, cold, and inactive. Natives possess a decent nature, have great artistic qualities, and are dependent on others. They are seldom influential speakers when they are in the mood. They are also very loving and caring in nature due to which they are good at interacting with people. they will intend to avoid any arguments or fights. This number two corresponds to the Moon.

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Number 3

People who have a total of “3” possess great intelligence and knowledge. They can reach any height as they are very ambitious and are fair decision-makers. They will anything to reach the top of the world considering themselves as highly confident but they are always complaining to their subordinates. This number three corresponds to Jupiter.

Number 4

People who have a total of “4” are very active,  unpredictable, practical, hardworking. They have a practical approach towards life and one can truly rely on them. Natives also have high morals in their lives. They get recognition and rewards in the latter part of their life. This number four corresponds to the Rahu.

Number 5

People who have a total of “5” are of diplomatic nature. They are generally quick decision-makers and are quite friendly. They can easily make friends and always support them very well. These peoples are also likely to attract a lot of wealth from various resources like gambling. They always keep their close friends and family ahead of them and will do anything to keep them content. This number five corresponds to Mercury.

Number 6

People who have a total of “6” live the life of a King. Their nature represents charm and is quite sensitive in nature. They are easily attracted to anything beautiful. They are gentle, soft-spoken, intelligent, kind and they are easily attracted to the opposite sex. Natives become uncomfortable when they are separated from others or disagreements because they are by nature-loving everyone. This number six corresponds to Venus.

Number 7

People who have a total of “7” are spiritualistic in nature. They like nature, walking, and reading. They are easily influenced by others. Sometimes they feel themselves in a state of confusion, dilemma. This number seven corresponds to the Ketu.

Number 8

People who have a total of “8” are generally self-confident, determined, and are quite mysterious in nature. They are introverted and skeptical though they are very gentle from inside. They are ambitious and often considered successful in the eyes of people. Natives love their family and are truly loyal to them. This number eight corresponds to Saturn.

Number 9

People who have a total of “9” are very strong by heart and possess great bravery skills. They have a strong motive for their purpose, self-confident, disciplined, and courageous. They also never run out of energy and keep using it useful works when required. This number nine corresponds to Mars.

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