Do Astrological Remedies Really Work: The Truth Behind!

Do Astrological Remedies Really Work: The Truth Behind!

Do Astrological Remedies Really Work_

We came across many mysterious findings and thoughts in many forms in front of us. Some may believe or may not believe in them. For instance, we cannot see the air but it exists. Similarly, in the case of God, some believe it does exist while for others it is simply a piece of statue. The crust of the story is that this is a never-ending debate and one can share his or her opinion as much as they want.

Lets coming to Astrology…

In Astrology, one can predict our future events as per our date of birth, place, and time. Or in other words, it is a science with study of planetary movement, stars, and constellations that can determine the auspicious events. There is yet another form of astrologer which deals with the mathematical calculations of the numbers. Where the position of each planet, constellation, the zodiac is fixed. Then accordingly lucky numbers are extracted.

Now the question that comes to mind whether these astrology measures work or not. It is because not every time we get perfect predictions through our horoscope and we encounter some issues in the horoscope. To mitigate the possible harmful effects we do come across certain remedies associated with every planet or its corresponding defect. People may differ in their opinion based on their own understanding or knowledge. Some may take it seriously as knew they have some serious issues and these remedies can help them to relieve a little. While for others it might be just a waste of time or a trick to fool them in order to extract money for their business.

Sharing my Personal Opinion

So let me share my own personal opinion on this. In my opinion, these astrological remedies do actually work in our lives and through which we can reduce all the miseries of our life to a great extent. It works like a magic in our life but to be on the safer side one should not blindly believe what the astrologer says to us.

We should clearly have a thorough knowledge of the concerned person of his experience and skills as we have this concept in mind that since we have some issues in life and it is the only person who can clearly understand your problem and will provide accurate information. And we do have a hope and trust on the very same person that he will not try to make a fool of you in the mere advantage of their monetary gains.

Call Chat with Astrologer

Let me quickly share an experience with you that justifies astrological remedies do work in our life. I used to be very sad, mentally disturbed in my life and was lacking focus and concentration. There was no one to provide the best possible cure to my issue and I was going into my own deep hole. However, I was barely saved when someone suggests checking with a certified astrologer to seek guidance. I gave it a thought to try it too so I went ahead to get a consultation from the astrologer.

To my surprise, he gave me a mantra to chant as a remedy and was advised to recite it continuously for 40 days. There were distinct ways and a posture to chant this mantra was to be chanted along with Mala which was available at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, I was advised to visit the Hanuman temple every evening.

With faith and trust, I did these simple remedies and after the 40th day, I could sense a change in myself. I started to feel calm and refreshed. All my worries and tensions started to fade away gradually regaining my focus. My attitude towards life also changed on a positive note. I got the ability to handle my life issues more confidently and boldly no matter how hard they struck at me.

As I could see my life changing by following these remedies, I can say that I truly believe in them as they worked out well for me. However these may not work for everyone else and they do not any change in their life conditions. So we may hear from them that these are not real and are meant to waste your time, effort and money. One should understand that the astrology is not unlike God. They will not gonna fully solve your issue or transform your life. They can only try to lessen your burden and these remedies can only do small wonders to minimise the negative effects. If you are following these remedies, you should do follow it through your heart with a firm faith in them.


To conclude, In the modern era, astrology is playing great importance in everyone’s life in one way or another. It is being expanded in various forms to generate, predict, and transform your life in a much better way. There is a very slight difference between Indian and Western astrology in the fact that one relies on deeds of the past and the other solely on your destiny what is written in your life. To make it more prevalent and successful, it needs our complete support and faith in astrology.

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