Past Life Regression: Past Life Karmas affecting present Birth

Past Life Regression: Past Life Karmas affecting present Birth

Past Life Regression

Our existence is in this life is a result of our misdeeds or misfortunes of our past life. Everyone has a specific purpose to be fulfilled based on those deeds of the past. Our soul works as mystic energy that changes its form from one body to another. It remains immortal and remains in existence even after death. There are a lot of planets involved which also plays a key role in determining the positive and negative fruits of your present birth.

As per astrology, the moment any new offspring is born, its birth horoscope is made purely on the position of the planets based upon the birth time, place, and date which can be examined to identify your past deeds. So let us quickly understand know why we are born in this world and what is our ultimate purpose?

What our Horoscope says about Our Past Life?

  • If 4 or more planets in the horoscope are of the higher zodiac or self-respect, it indicates it was a member of the Brahmin family in the previous life.
  • If Saturn is present in the Lagna, Eleventh or seventh house, the person was born in a Shudra family in its previous birth with sinister motives.
  • Venus placed in the seventh house then the native has a much joyful and merrier life.
  • If Jupiter is present in the third house then a person is born with either blessings or a curse by a woman of the present time. The sufferings of the person can be a result of the woman’s blessing in disguise.
  • In the horoscope, the Guru’s position in the tenth house refers to having religious views in the past. In this birth, he works as a social reformer. He is a preacher but does not pretend to be a worshiper.
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Past Misdeeds affecting our Present Life

The sin or misfortunes of a human being is identified on the scale of positive and negative deeds. If there is a slight imbalance between the two, then the native gets trapped in the pursuit of webs. It can be in the form of greed, lust, gluttony, anger, which resides in its past and present life.

Rahu and Ketu are considered a sinful identity. While the former is considered with the previous birth, the latter with the present. Rahu eclipses the Sun and Ketu with the Moon. Due to this, the sun is considered as the planet, and the moon its horoscope. While the deeds of the past cannot be changed although the corresponding zodiac can be changed to minimize its effects.

Let us understand what are the effects of these planets in the horoscope.

  • If Rahu is in the fifth house, one could face a lot of problems related to being a child as it has not respected or looked upon its parents.
  • In case Rahul is present in the seventh house in the horoscope, one could face a lot of ups and downs as the person has not valued the importance of money and other assets in the past life.
  • If it is present in the eighth house, a person has reborn again to complete the past incomplete deeds. Their existence and extinction are purely unnatural phenomenon.
  • If it present in the ninth house, a person has said to be under the influence of bad people which hampers their religious practices and do pose a danger to society right from their past life.

Measures to Pacify Rahu Planet

  • Avoid accumulating¬† garbage in the house and get rid of broken or unused items
  • Try to sit and be around that place in the house where there is an ample amount of sunlight pouring in.
  • Try to bath daily with water mixed with cow urine.
  • Consume basil leaves every day in the early morning to lessen the countereffects of Rahu.
  • One should recite mantras for Rahu daily

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