The Power Of Silence | Make Your Mind Free of Thoughts

The Power Of Silence | Make Your Mind Free of Thoughts


To begin with, today, let us go back to the time to understand some basic laws which are known to almost everyone. The very first law that comes into mind is that like poles always repel each other while the unlike poles do repel each other. These are the positive and negative forces just unlike our body resembling that of the atom with the same forces. Every human being around on this planet earth planet is comprised of a small amount of electromagnetic field which is in form of energy called Aura. It is the very same energy that is associated with positive and negative forces are commonly known as vibes. Though not visible through the naked eye, but they can only be felt by anyone around them.

Just like the human being is comprised of many emotions which can be easily recognized by the actions or the behavioral tendencies, similarly, one gets emotionally attached to them as per the number of vibes being emitted by them. We do feel good when the other person is happy or feel sad when the person is unhappy. Our mind is simply like that of a newborn baby who has no feelings or emotions of his at the very early stage of life. He is just observing its surroundings and is feeling the presence of everyone’s aura around them and accordingly portrays its emotion accordingly. If he finds something unusual or funny, he feels a great sense of joy and feels happy. At the same time if he senses some sort of disturbance or no one around it then it becomes worried and starts to cry. How is it able to identify or judge whether it is a good or bad vibe and is reacting accordingly? The answer lies in the very fact that though he has no real sense of what is going around him he can still make a visualization in the back of mind which is sending a signal to the brain which corresponds to the human emotional state of wellbeing.

This is the very basic principle to understand how the aura works and is present in each of the living organisms right from the birth. Even animals can clearly respond to the human actions whether good or bad through the same aura. If human shows some aggressive behaviour, then they also display their anger by flashing their teeth or making a loud growling sound. If the very same behaviour is soft and gently, they will simply wag their tails and come closer to you. It shows care, love and affection.

So, let us understand how we get connected or start associating ourselves with other persons.

We all need someone to share or express our feelings to one another. We are always surrounded by so many people and our eyes are also sending visual signals in the back of our mind which is also analyzing the amount of positive or negative vibes. As we grew up, our brain is interwinding itself with the treasury of information through knowledge and those people around us all the time. We are also creating our belief system along with what others are teaching us and this very same system is developing our thoughts and procedures. After a certain period when we reach the stage where we start interacting with the outside world, we do start looking for like minded people who one can resemble with themselves and express their thoughts and procedures. They start developing a bond which gets stronger with the passage of time and their curiosity to know more about one another also increases.

They start associating themselves as one in mind two in the body which is a transitional phase of becoming friends to best friends forever. They start enjoying each other company, loves to hang out with each other, share their deepest desires and secrets. However, no matter how many friends you have throughout your life there exists only one of them who can be your best friend forever.

Now you must be wondering how it is all connected to silence and what significant role does it play in your life. Let us quickly understand the power of Silence as per the Vedic Astrology: If we look back to the ancient times in the era of monks and saints who used to remain silent for a prolonged period and were not affected by any outer forces of nature, they were believed to be very calm and composite in nature. They were also considered as great sages wise and full of positive energy unaffected by any materialistic things. They were considered as idols for many of their students or practitioners who want to be in their shadow to learn and honor them. Such was the power of silence and one could easily understand their mind and thoughts through their great aura illuminating from them. Likewise, we humans are also full of emotions that are displayed in a similar way but in the other way around.

Small issues do arise in everyone’s life which can often lead to small fights and arguments which can ruin or destroy their life. One may tend to amend it in order to eliminate the negative and harmful effects of these issues. Everyone has a different reaction to the same situation, and everyone tries to handle it in their own way. Some let it go while some tries to remain silent forever. No matter how we deal with a particular situation, our mind has an altogether different way to process the very same situation. We may feel we have solved the problem, but the mind is processing it in the other way. It is simply creating a negative image in the back of your head and is simply projecting negative vibes towards one another. If you have a very strong positive aura around yourself then you can attract this negative aura as per the mystic law and one can determine what is going on in another person’s mind. If there is an equal amount of positive and negative auras, then they neutralize with each other. If there is even a slight difference, then the very same can attract, repel, or communicate with each other. Once a connection is established one can easily transform or exchange their thoughts with one another.

However, it requires a lot of hard work and patience for these to work out. It needs a great amount of meditation, yoga, or exercise to maintain peace and calm composure. One can also consult an expert counselor or a person who can guide us. It can be very useful in eliminating the negative thoughts from one’s mind and even lead to building healthier and stronger connections.

It is always advisable to share your issues with others or close to your loved ones as these very negative thoughts can sometimes harm yourself in one way or another whose effects can be long-lasting. One should avoid having negative thoughts and often should have an open conversation in order to cleanse your mind, body, and soul. It is fine to have both positive and negative thoughts in your mind that is what our human nature is made up of, but we should also ponder upon its possible consequences.

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