Moles and their significant benefits in our Human Life

Moles and their significant benefits in our Human Life

significance of moles

Our human body is full of mysteries with many distinct birthmarks all across it. It can reveal a lot about the nature of a person with respect to future life. One key mark which people have been eyeing is the presence of Moles.

In Vedic Astrology, one can predict very useful information by studying or analyzing the characteristics of these moles present in the human body.  They can appear in various forms and sizes each having both positive and negative effects.

During our lifetime, many types of black marks appear and disappear on the body, which can be due to many medical or natural skin disorders.  This sometimes adds another level of charm to our personalities. By studying their characteristics, we can understand more about them. According to Vedic scripture, they uncover many mysteries of human life. As per astrology, it is considered auspicious to have a mole on the left side of the male body and on the right side of the female body. It is not considered auspicious to have more than twelve moles on a person’s body.

Come let us know about these moles on the body in detail and what all benefits it have on a Human Life

1. Mole on Face

A mole on the forehead signifies that a  person will spend a lot money in his life while if it has it on the eyebrows then person will take do a lot of travelling. If it present around the pupil of the eye, such a person is very emotional. The mole on the ear indicates a person will have a long life. If there is a mole on the nose, then the person will spends his money with a open heart.  Its presence on the lips indicates that the person is of talkative nature. The red mole on the cheek gives auspicious results. The person who has a mole on their chin are not very social friendly.

2. Mole on Neck

A mole on the neck  signifies that a person creates a very impressive reaction on others though his excellent communication skills. On the contrary they are seldom emotional so their confidence level is generally low. A person  having a mole on the right side of the chest is considered very auspicious in nature. Having a mole between the throat and heart is an added advantage to the fact that they are romantic by nature. A person can have a enjoyable life if it has a mole on their chest. But if it is present on the waist then one can face several issues throughout their life. If the mole is present on the stomach then that person has a very good taste of food.

3. Mole on the Hands

Any person who has a mole in his hands is considered very smart in nature. If it is present on the right hand then it will have a surplus amount of money while if it is on the left then it will never last in their hand for long. If the mole is present on the thumb, then the person has a great affinity for justice. A mole on its index finger is considered very talented. Having a mole on the middle finger enjoys a happy life. If present in the ring finger, then a person would possess great knowledge and be rich. A person might face a lot of problems if there is a mole on his little finger.

4. Mole on Legs

If the moles are present at the ankles, a person can become dilutional in life but enjoys traveling. if is it present on the right knee one can enjoy a happy living hood. A person can be quite romantic in nature if the mole is present at the thigh. If there is a mole on the right foot  then one can have a enjoyable journey especially foreign travel while on the left making it aimless. But if the mole is present in the left leg then these people are wanderers in life.


The presence of mole in any woman or man at cheeks, lower lip, chin, hip, and knee reflects their normal life. Such people are neither very rich nor poor in their life. Normal ups and downs remain in their lives. They have the natural tendency to tackle the tough phases of their life.

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