Sixth Sense – That’s Not a Magic

Sixth Sense – That’s Not a Magic

the sixth sense

As we all know that our body is made up of five key elements that are essential for our existence and survival. They are namely Nose, Ear, Eye, Skin, and Tounge. Without them, we would not be able to perceive the world as we are doing today. Each of these senses has a distinct purpose but they work in coordination with each other. They cannot work alone without depending upon each other. If any one of them is affected, consequently all other senses are equally affected.

For instance, if we have only eyes to see the world it would make no sense as we would not able to express our thoughts properly without ears to hear other people view, without tongue we would not be able to speak what is in our mind, without nose, we would not able to smell the serene beauty of nature and without skin, there would be no sense of touch or feel anything.

However, beyond these senses there is another sense which cannot be seen with the naked eye, cannot be heard but can only be felt by very few people which is called the Sixth Sense. Those people are very rare for their kind and they have special abilities in them. Their mind works to such an extent that they can predict things unknown to human mankind. They can see things which can happen in the near future which cannot be determined even by the experts working day and night. They are born with a gift and have a high IQ level. Though there are many mentions of such people in the Guinness Book of world records but still it is unknown why they are born this way. They are among the rarest of their kind and people also considered them Insane.

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Let us know about its existence, does it really exist in each and every human being? And if it does exist why everyone does not possess one.

It is believed that there is a small cavity in the skull where the spinal cord goes down from it to the bottom of the body. There is this pulse called the Sushumna Pulse which is considered to be the center of the seven chakras and the sixth sense. This very sense is in a sleeping stage and can only be awakened in many ways. But it requires extreme meditation and spiritual inclination to control the chakras. Then one can predict what is happening in the near future.

How to awaken the Sixth Sense

1. Meditation

It is believed that by doing regular meditation or Prayanam for a extended duration of time till the time our both nostrils starts moving together which means the Sushumna Pulse is activated awakening the sense.

2. Focus

It also requires a lot of concentration and focus especially at the centre point in between the eyes. This in turn activates our commandment Chakra which is directly linked to the sixth sense.

3. Yoga

This can also be used to awaken your sixth sense by simply closing your eye and focus all your all your five sense to one point. Gradually shift your focus your attention to every part of your body one by one and feel them functioning inside your body. Disconnect yourself from the outside world and focus only towards the internal body parts till they are moving freely inside yourself. Doing this regularly will slowly uplift your sixth sense.

To conclude it really needs years of practice and patience to awaken your sixth sense. One should have a very clear and calm mind, body and spirt with control of your inner chakras then only one can connect to your inner self and attend the stage of sixth sense. Many people have tried to attend this but they are very few of them who possess this ability. If we look back to our ancient mythology, only few Monks and saints could tap the immense power of this ability which is far beyond the reach of the human beings in today’s life.

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