Hypnotism: About | How it Works and How to Hypnotise

Hypnotism: About | How it Works and How to Hypnotise


Hypnotism is considered a very ancient tradition in Hindu mythology. However, it is not widely accepted by everyone openly as its existence is not persistent. Many people believe it is a completely superstitious and vague technique.

It is also commonly known by names such as Pran-vidya, Mohini, or Trikalvidya. Its roots can be traced back to the era of saints or monks who have extensively used this method as a way to acquire peace and tranquility or simply in other words “Moksha”.  On the contrary, everything has its own positive and negative effects. In the same way, this technique also went into the wrong hands which created utter chaos and panic in the divine city. People started using this method for their own personal gains which caused a steady decline in widespread of this technique.

Let us understand the Science behind this Technique !!

Natural Occurrence or a Fictitious World

Now one thing that surely comes to everyone’s mind is that whether this is a natural phenomenon or is it entirely fictitious just like in books where the author takes you into a whole new fantasy world where one can experience anything beyond their expectations.

The answer solely lies in one mind how they conceive it – for some, it may be realistic while for some it is entirely fictional. when we talk in scientific terms, it is completely a fictitious world or rather says a parallel world unlike no other. When one is in the state of hypnotism, he or she does not have any sense of well-being and can only see or feels what the other person is letting him/her imagine. the person who is being hypnotized is completely in one’s control and will not do anything apart from what the other person asks him to do. He loses the focus of his mind and gets into a state of his subconscious mind.

This usually happens when one is allowed to concentrate on a fixed point or a whirlwind which is usually spinning. At first, everything seems fine but the time passes one starts losing its ability to focus and mind starts to blank out and all senses seem to go out of synchronization. The person starts feeling a sense of dizziness or in a state of sleep where only his subconscious mind is working. He also gets a feeling that he is traveling to an entirely different world where it experiences what the other person expects it to be in.

One can also be hypnotized by focusing on a moving crystal like a pendulum. After a prolonged period of time, he or she starts feeling sleepy or dizzy.

Kaamdeva Mantra

It is believed that this technique of hypnotism is associated with God Kamadev. It is usually activated to attract your soulmate one step closer to you. Also there is a increased probability of getting your desired life partner and married life problems are eliminated.

’’Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe, Rati Priyayi Dhemhi, Tanno Anang Prachodayat’

How to Chant this Mantra

This mantra should be chanted 108 times in the morning and evening. One should chant this mantra in complete solitude continuously for the next 21 days.

Shri Krishna Mantra

“Om Shri Shri Shri Klein Shrikrishna Govindayi Gopijan Vallabhoy Shri Shree Shree”

This mantra is usually done to awaken the spirits of wealth flow, nearly eliminating all the obstacles in the way. This opens the path of utmost happiness and a positive flow of income.

Positive Effects of Hypnotism

The foremost benefit of it can be realized in determining the hidden feelings of one’s person. It has been observed that most people are reluctant to express their feelings or emotions so this can be a boon for them. They can be properly guided further with respect to their level of problems.

 Next, if a person is having some sort of fear or phobia, it can be eliminated to a small extent. This can be done by making them face their fear while being in the state of Hypnotism. However, this may or may not work once a person comes out of this state. It totally depends on person to person.

Next, you can determine the past, present, and future life of the person who is in the state of hypnotism. This can eliminate the past and present Karma of one’s life and the risk of any envy or hindrance in other life. One can also determine your dark desires or secrets to contain negative thoughts if any.

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Bonus Tip to Practice Hypnotism

This is usually done in three phases :

Phase I –  Start by reciting these mantras as loud as possible. This will make your mind concentrate on your inner self and increases your focus.

Phase II – Once this is over, one should recite these mantras slowly and divert your mind to the sound of the mantra.

Phase III – After successfully completing the above two phases one should enter this last phase which is to recite these in your mind to attain the true power of Hypnotism

To conclude one should be more careful when to use this technique as it can lead to both positive and negative effects. One should not use it for his own personal gain as it can create a lot of disturbance & chaos in his life. If used with care and attention it can be quite fruitful to our nation but if used with negligence & carelessness, it can become a devil of the utter destruction of both a healthy world and human mankind.

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