Colour Therapy | Chromotherapy: The Logic Behind

Colour Therapy | Chromotherapy: The Logic Behind

Colour Therapy

Colours have a profound impact on human life. Colour enhances human personality. Our life is meaningless without colours. Not only this, many ailments are treated using colours, and this method is called Colour Therapy.

Colors add zest to our life. It has astrological importance as well as psychological significance. Each color has a deep connection with the mind and body of an organism, just as the red color symbolizes energy and power. Therefore in Shakti Puja, red-colored items like pomegranate, jaggery flower, red cloth etc. are used.

If you look at the red color on the astrological basis, then Mars, the lord of the land, building, courage, and might, is also pleased with this color. Wearing red clothes on Tuesday increases enthusiasm and work efficiency. This color is also a sign of good luck, so Suhagan women wear this color more on auspicious occasions.

What is Colour Therapy?

The human body is made up of Five Elements (water, air, fire, soil, sky). Together these five elements maintain the balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha present in our body. And when these three are balanced, we remain healthy. Under color therapy, these same disorders are first identified in the chakras of the body. They are then removed using various colors.

Treatment Method

Colour therapy involves treatment in two ways, Indirect technique and Interactive technique. Each color has its own distinct nature, based on which the patient is treated. That is, the nature and disorder of colors have a deep relation between them. This is the reason that therapists use selected colors through the indirect or interactive technique once the disorders are identified. Interactive techniques are used when the indirect technique is not relieved.

How Colour Therapy Works?

Color therapy is a type of medical practice that uses light and color to affect the mental and physical health of any person. Each color has its own specialty. Which can be used to influence the energy and frequencies within our body.

After entering the body, these colors affect the hormones of our body, and after that, they start their bio-reaction. We can also call this the healing process.

Nature of Colour

1. Red

If there is anaemia in the body, it is treated using red colours. Along with this, red colour also increases courage, energy and passion.

2. White

People use this colour to get rid of diseases like high BP, depression, hypertension etc. White colour is also a symbol of peace.

3. Yellow

It helps in increasing immunity in the body, and also makes the liver strong. This colour is considered a symbol of understanding and clear thinking.

4. Indigo

This colour is known to identify purity. It is used to purify the blood. It is also used to diagnose mental problems.

5. Blue

Helpful in relieving stress, BP, sleep, diseases related to women, pyorrhoea and tonsils.

6. Orange

High blood pressure patients recover from this colour. It connects us with emotions. This is why the use of this colour creates a feeling of happiness and confidence in us.

7. Green

This color has the power to maintain balance. Its use helps in healing wounds. This color is considered a symbol of self-control. It also proves helpful in relieving eye disorders.

Colors according to the Day

According to Vastu, colors have a positive effect on our brain. According to mythological beliefs, the good and bad planets of your horoscope are also influenced by the color of your clothes. To get the grace of all the planets, one should wear clothes related to them.

Which colour of clothes should worn on which day?


Monday is considered as the day of the moon and the moon provides coolness to our mind, so wearing white clothes on this day will be beneficial for you.


This day is considered to be Hanuman’s day. Orange colour has its own special significance on this day.


This day is Ganesh Ji’s day, so wearing this green cloth will give you special benefits.


Wear yellow clothes on this day. It is believed that if Jupiter is in a weak position in a person’s horoscope, then one should donate yellow food and clothes.


This day is related to Goddess Lakshmi, so wear mixed colors of all colors on this day.


Offer black or dark blue color dedicated to Lord Shani on this day.


Wear pink colored clothes on this day. And on this day must worship the Sun God.

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