Pearl (Moti) Gemstone: Astrology Behind It

Pearl (Moti) Gemstone: Astrology Behind It

Pearl Gemstone

A total of nine precious Gem Stone have been given importance in Vedic astrology, each relating to one of the planets having significance in Astrology. When a functional benefic planet is weak and not ill-affected in the horoscope of a person, then the person is advised to wear the precious gemstone related to that planet. If this gem suits the person, then the person’s life is filled with happiness.

These nine gemstones are Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Onyx, and Lahsuniya, and they are related to the planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu respectively.

These gems play an important role in balancing the five elements of our body. Wearing this Gem gives us auspicious results of planets.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl Gemstone

The genuine pearl from the seas has a wonderful gem obtained from oysters, which is quite rare. The texture is white like milk and round. The lord of this gem is the moon planet and the people of the Cancer zodiac get great benefit by wearing it. It is believed that if the moon is in a weak position in the horoscope then the native should wear pearl gem.

Wearing pearl has the highest effect on the brain of the native; it provides coolness to the mind. By wearing it, the person becomes fear-free, and contributes to increasing overall happiness of the native Wearing pearl removes insomnia related problems of the native, it keeps the hormones of our body balanced, and the financial side is strong.

Disadvantage of Pearl Gemstone

Be sure to consult any astrologer before wearing this gem, as it causes harm to the person slowly. Pearls can also cause depression and stress problems. Family quarrels also cause estrangement and blame in speech. Never have any black spots on the pearl, such gem is considered harmful for the child. Broken pearls should never be worn. The red coloured gem increases sorrow and poverty. A pearl that has no shine, nor will it be good to wear.

Role of Pearl in Disease Treatment

In Vedic astrology, pearl is also seen as a medical study. Pearl is also beneficial in stone. Consuming pearl with honey gives quick benefit. If there is more heat in the body, wearing pearl will be beneficial. The pearl removes tiredness and weakness. Fever is reduced by its treatment in asthmatic disease. Applying pearl powder to get rid of the diseases of the eyes benefits the eyes.

Who should wear Pearl?

  • It is considered auspicious to wear pearls according to different persistence.
  • People of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Ascendent or Moon Rashi are highly benefited by wearing pearls.
  • An emotional and angry person should not wear pearls.
  • If Scorpio is in a low zodiac sign, wear a pearl.
  • Pearls must be worn during the Mahadasha of the Moon.

Method of wearing Pearl

Always wear pearls gem stone on Monday and wear them in a silver ring. Before wearing the pearl, bathe the pearl with panchamrit (milk, curd, honey, ghee, basil leaf) after that sprinkle the Ganges water. Now light an earthen lamp at any place of worship and meditate on Chandra Dev, mantras  ऊॅँ श्रम श्रीम श्रोम सह सोमाय: नम: 108 times, keeping the pearl in front. Finally, meditate on Chandra Dev by rotating the beads 11 times over the earthen lamp. Now you put it on your youngest finger.

How to check pearl purity

  • Rub the pearl with paddy husk; if the gem is broken, it is fake. The pearl luster will increase if it is real.
  • Take cow’s urine in an earthen vessel and add pearls to it. Leave it overnight. If the pearl is not broken in the morning, it should be considered pure and genuine.
  • Place the Gemstone in a glass pot or glass. If rays are seen coming out of it, it should be considered pure pearl.
  • Add pearls to ghee. If ghee is melted, consider it pure.

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