Solar Eclipse: 14th Dec 2020 | Effect on All Zodiac Signs

Solar Eclipse: 14th Dec 2020 | Effect on All Zodiac Signs


An eclipse is an astronomical event, which is not considered religiously auspicious. There are three kinds of Solar eclipses total, partial, and annular along with a rare hybrid, which is a combination of an annular and a total eclipse. The second and last solar eclipse of the year is going to take place on Monday, 14 December 2020. This year a total of 6 eclipses took place, of which four are lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses. On June 21, the FIRST solar eclipse of the year took place.

This eclipse, which takes place on December 14, is taking place within 15 days of the lunar eclipse occurred on the full moon date on November 30 and now on the new moon day of December 14, there will be a solar eclipse. According to Indian time, this eclipse will start from 7: 03pm in the evening till 12:23am of December 15, the period of solar eclipse is around 5 hours.

This eclipse will not be seen in India, hence the Sutak will not be valid during this period. According to astrology, even though this eclipse may not be seen in India, it will have an impact on the zodiac sign. On December 14, this eclipse is going to take place in Scorpio zodiac and Jyestha constellation.

Where will the said solar eclipse appear:

It will be fully visible in South Africa, most of South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic and Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

Eclipse effect in India

Due to the presence of dusk, this eclipse will not be seen in India. Because of this, there is no prohibition of any work during the eclipse. Along with this, no Sutak period is also accepted, due to which there is no prohibition in doing Manglik work, at the same time, the doors of the temple will not be closed and worship will not be prohibited.

Effect of solar eclipse on zodiac signs

1. Aries

The effects of solar eclipse will lead to success. This is going to be a very favourable time for you.

2. Taurus

Problems related to health can disturb, there is a possibility of discord in the family. During the eclipse, God should pray to the sun.

3. Gemini

There is a possibility of loss in business, do not trust anyone too much.

4. Cancer

During this time, you should work patiently, otherwise you may have to face heavy losses.

5. Leo

Avoid making any hard decisions regarding financial stability. Defamation can occur in social life.

6. Virgo

There can be tension in family life, keep your voice under control.

7. Libra

Due to the effect of eclipse, your coming time is going to be very turbulent.

8. Scorpio

During the eclipse period, the people of Scorpio zodiac sign will have the highest impact. There will be adverse effect on health, due to this effect, their honor and respect may decline and these people may also have to bear mental pain. Sun should be worshiped during this time.

9. Sagittarius

Health will be affected due to the eclipse effect. The economic situation may also face some ups and downs.

10. Capricorn

Expenses will increase, you may be worried about health.

11. Aquarius

Sudden expenses will increase, there may be a decline in income.

12. Pisces

There may be a lot of ups and downs in the job sector.

Keep these things in mind during the eclipse: 

Seeing the solar eclipse without any protection on the eyes can cause damage to your eyes. , Do not use sharp things like knife, knife, during the eclipse, do not consume food water, during this time do not touch the idol of bath and god, remember God as much as possible. read mahamrutunjay to avoid the ill effects of this eclipse.

Do these remedies after the eclipse ends

After the eclipse, sprinkle the Ganges water in the house, after that, make a donation after bathing, the next day of solar eclipse is Dhanu Sankranti, then you must do the day of the object related to the sun. You can donate copper, wheat, jaggery, red cloth and any copper item.

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