Know the Yoga of Foreign Settlement in Horoscope

Know the Yoga of Foreign Settlement in Horoscope

Foreign Settlement in Astrology

There are many yogas in the Birth Chart, some of which are auspicious and some are inauspicious. Many people stay connected in their own place of birth for a lifetime, while some people go away from their place of birth and spend their lives in distant/ foreign lands. Some people go away from their place of birth to try their luck. Many people want to leave their country and settle abroad in the tune of earning more money, out of which many people are successful and they settle down.

Nowadays traveling abroad or working abroad is a dream for every person. Let us discuss those horoscopes, on the basis of which we can say whether a person will reside permanently in a particular foreign country.

Due to the special planetary yoga in our horoscope, we can travel or work abroad. The twelfth house of the horoscope is seen in relation to residence abroad. There are many times that foreign travel is done in the native’s horoscope, but he has to face many difficulties in going abroad, because the reason for settlement abroad in the horoscope is weak.

The eighth house, the ninth house, seventh house, twelfth house, and the weak fourth house of any person’s horoscope is of foreign connection for a different purpose, on the basis of which we can find out when the yoga of foreign travel is being formed.

The person’s short journeys and pilgrimage abroad can be traced through the third house of the horoscope. The horoscope of the native is considered for timing of traveling abroad by planetary transits and by reviewing the mahadasha/ antaradha.

To know how long the native will live abroad, the strength associated with the 4th and 12th house is considered. If there is a low strength associated with the house of expenditure, then the native will stay abroad for a short time, if there is a medium difference in strengths of two houses, the native will stay abroad for a few years. If the 12th house is very strong is strong and 4th is weak, the native is more likely to stay permanently in a foreign land.  Further, if there is a high influence of Venus in a person’s horoscope, then it is more likely to go to countries like America, similarly, if Saturn’s influence in the horoscope is more, the native will be more likely to travel to England and if Rahu Ketu is concerned, the original inhabitants will have the possibility to travel to the Malecha/ Arab country.

Planetary Position for Abroad Travel:

  • If Aries Lagna, Lagnesh and Bhagyesh are in their respective places or there is an exchange between them, then definitely there are foreign travels. Saturn sitting in the eighth house in Aries ascendant takes the native away from the place of birth and makes frequent trips abroad.
  • If Rahu or Ketu are in high position in the lagna and there is influence of auspicious planets in the ninth house and in the twelfth house, then the native travels abroad.
  • Traveling abroad is observed if Leo ascendant and Mars and Moon pair are in the dual houses. If the sun is sitting in the Leo ascendant and the ninth and twelfth house occupy auspicious planets, then travel abroad is highly possible.
  • If the Scorpio ascendant and the lord is situated in the seventh house and is associated with any auspicious planets, then the native goes abroad after marriage and stays abroad.
  • If the influence of Saturn is in any place of Capricorn or in the fourth and tenth house, then the native stays abroad for a short time and if the Sun is situated in the eighth house in Capricorn, then the person has many opportunities to travel abroad.

Some other Yogas…

  • If the moon is situated in the twelfth house of the horoscope, then the native travels abroad or is connected to the foreign country for livelihood.
  • If the moon is in the tenth house or if the moon is seen in the tenth house, then traveling abroad yoga is formed.
  • Saturn is a factor of livelihood, so the combination of Saturn and Moon in the horoscope also makes it possible to travel abroad.
  • Even if the lagnesh is in the twelfth house and the lord of the twelfth house is in the lagna, the person travels abroad and if other malefic influence to this combination; the native is imprisoned also in the foreign lands.

Some ways to fulfil the dream of traveling abroad:

Many times, there are chances of traveling abroad in the horoscope of the native, but due to the weak planet, a person has to face many difficulties in going abroad. Sometimes due to lack of money or sometimes necessary documents or paper processes prevent you from going abroad, sometimes all this happens but still you are not able to go abroad. Let us fulfil our dream of going abroad by taking some measures through astrology.

  • Rahu planet is related to traveling abroad. If a person’s twelfth house is active, then the person definitely enjoys traveling abroad. But Rahu also creates hindrance in every auspicious task. If you too are unable to travel abroad by will, then chant Rahu Strotra. Rahu is pleased with you even by chanting Rahu Beej Mantras and removes the hindrance of your journey.
  • Wearing four to six rattis in Onyx Tridhatu removes all the hurdles of traveling abroad.
  • On the day of Makar Sankranti, take white sesame and jaggery, then after sunset press into an earthen pot under the Ficus tree and then come straight home. After coming home, bathe in saffron water and remember your favored god, doing so will remove all your obstacles.

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