Gaj Kesari Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Gaj Kesari Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Gaj Kesari Yog In Horoscope

According to Vedic Astrology, many types of yoga are found in the horoscope, one of which is Gaj Kesari Yoga. This yoga is considered one of the most auspicious yogas. A native blesses with this Yoga in Kundli, attains many heights in life. Honor, Position, Prestige increases. They easily overcome money-related issues. But despite being this yoga is present in the horoscope, many times natives do not get auspicious results.

In this article, we will know what exactly Gaj Kesari Yoga is and what are conditions of the formation of this Yoga and provides different auspicious results to the natives.

The term “Gaj Kesari” comprises of two words; Gaj means elephant which symbolizes intelligence and Kesari means Lion which symbolizes foresight, agility, and skilful leadership ability. A person having Gaj Kesari Yoga in the horoscope is blessed with all these qualities.

When Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed in Horoscope?

The strong position of Jupiter and Moon results in the formation of Gaj Kesari Yoga. If the Moon and Jupiter in the horoscope are sitting opposite each other in the centre, it creates powerful yoga. If Jupiter or Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope, then the fruit of this yoga is not attained.

If Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed in the eighth or second house of the horoscope then it will not be much effective. If a center or triangle is formed in the horoscope, the person gains special benefits. In addition, a person gets a special result due to the Moon in Taurus in a person’s horoscope and Jupiter in Cancer.

Effects of Gaj Keasri Yoga

  • As a result, the native attains high rank, skilled, majestic pleasures.
  • Gaja is considered a symbol of Ganesha and Ganesh is a symbol of knowledge. So such a person acquires wealth, honor, and respect through his/her intellectual ability.
  • Jupiter is considered a symbol of wealth; a person can accomplish every goal of his life.
  • If a native is born in Gaja Kesari Yoga then he/she will be blessed with good wealth and become the owner of movable and immovable property. Your relationships will be established with people who will prosper in society. You will get all kinds of material pleasures in life and their are high chances of reputed government jobs.
  • Gaj Kesari Yoga along with some other auspicious planetary combinations in the horoscope is favorable in achieving Political Positions.
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How to Strengthen Gaj Kesari Yoga?

If there is Gaj Kesari Yoga in the horoscope of the native, but its effect is less, then such a native will get special benefit by praying to Lord Shiva. After consulting an Astrologer, wear yellow topaz.

Effect in Each House of Horoscope…

1st House

Native is blessed with leadership qualities. Royal attitude and spend his/her life like a king.

2nd House

If this yoga is formed in the second house, the native is a good speaker. People listen to his words carefully.

3rd House

Native have good relations and respect in society.

4th House

Native receives a lot of love from the mother side. Pleasure of land and vehicle is attained.

5th House

Blessed with good Intellectual Ability. Achieves success in research and IT field.

6th House

The effect of this yoga decreases slightly in the sixth house, due to which the health of the mother of the native is not good.

7th House

The seventh house is related to marriage. Formation of Gaj Kesari in 7th House confirms higher position of Spouse.

8th House

Native receives sudden wealth and hidden treasures.

9th House

Person is very lucky and inclined towards religious works.

10th House

Formation of this yoga in 10th House results in exponential growth in career. Natives trust his/her Karma more than Luck.

11th House

Blessed with multiple sources of income.

12th House

In the twelfth house, this yoga becomes somewhat weak. Expenses exceed Revenues many time. A good amount of earnings of native spend in superstitious works.

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