Astrological Tips For Happy Married Life | Vedic Astrology

Astrological Tips For Happy Married Life | Vedic Astrology


Marriage is the most sacred bond of our society. In which both unaware people swear to be one. Here two souls meet. You find a reason to live life. In Indian society, marriage is considered a relationship between two families and not only a relationship between two people.

There comes a stage in life when someone wants someone or a partner who can take step by step in all their happiness and sorrow and enjoy this beautiful journey of life.

The initial time of marriage seems like a beautiful world for each couple, but as time passes, trouble starts between them most of the time. Both have to face many problems. Some people compromise with the condition; some get nervous about these problems and break the relationship. Between each couple, there are battles; some people understand those conflicts wisely.

Let’s explore why there are conflicts in married life? According to astrology

There can be many reasons for not having happiness in married life. Because of which you are not happy with each other. First of all, talk to your partner and understand him so that you can take your relationship to a new path.

  • In a husband-wife relationship, the influence of Venus on men and Jupiter on women is the highest. If Venus and Jupiter are placed in a good position, both companions will be pleased.
  • The presence of Mars along with Saturn and Venus is extremely painful for marital life, which can lead to tension and conflicts in marital life. According to astrology, when the Moon is with Saturn in the seventh house in the horoscope, native is not aware of his affectionate relationship with spouse. Such people have extramarital affairs.
  • In the horoscope, if Saturn is placed in a high zodiac i.e Libra or own sign Aquarius or Capricorn, then it also gives pleasant results. In married life, there remains a loving and cooperative relationship.

Astrological Tips To Strengthen Married Life

  • If there is always a fight between the married couples, then if possible both husband and wife should go to the Shiva temple and offer milk on the Shivling.
  • Throw salt in the river on Tuesday. Husband-wife should never use a separate bed.
  • Due to Mangal Dosh in Horoscope, marital issues also occur. For this, both husband and wife should fast on Tuesday, offer vermilion to Hanuman ji.

It is often a complaint by women that their husbands do not love them. There are many reasons behind this, and our planetary constellation also has a big impact on this. In Vedic Astrology, there are many remedies to improve the love bonds in marital life. By using which the bond of mutual relationship can be strengthened. The relationship of husband and wife is considered very important. In this world, both husband and wife are meaningless without each other, so love in their relationships is considered very important. But in today’s era, many problems have arise in this relationship. By taking the above measures, we can make our marital life a little better.

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