Karwachauth 2020: Time | Process | Fasting

Karwachauth 2020: Time | Process | Fasting

karwachauth 2020

Karwachauth is celebrated on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This festival is mainly for married women. It starts at sunrise and ends after the sighting of the moon. It is done continuously for 12 to 14 years, after that if you want, this fast can also be discontinued. Karwachauth is also a day for married Indian Women to dress up. On this day, they take this vow to protect their husbands and wish for their long lives.

Let’s know why Karwachauth is so important in the Indian culture…

Vrat Katha

According to ancient stories, a moneylender had 7 sons and a daughter named Karwa.  She was the most loving member and adorned by all. They used to eat their food only after she had eaten. She used to fast after her marriage on the eve of KarwaChauth. As per the tradition, this fast is only complete after the sighting of the moon. On the contrary, she became restless due to hunger and thirst which her brothers couldn’t saw her like this.
The youngest brother lighted a lamp and placed it under the Peepal tree. Looking at a distance it was appearing as if the moon is slowly rising in the sky. Out of sheer happiness, she completed the procedure, and as soon as she was about to eat her food she received the news of her husband’s death.

Karwa’s sister-in-law suggested some remedies, to which she fasted every fouth day which got completed on the Karwachauth. Her husband also alive, even after dying.

To this day it is believed that whosoever married woman takes this fast with a Divine & Pure heart, adds her up to her husband long Life.

Karwachauth 2020 auspicious time:

Pooja Muhurta – 14:29 to 16:47

Moonrise time- 20:11

Materials required for Worship

  • Kumkum
  • Agarbatti
  • Rice
  • Sandalwood
  • Clay Karwa,
  • Water Lotus,
  • Strainer and
  • Picture of Shiva and Parvati.

Process of Worshipping

Collect all Puja materials. Fast with pure heart,
Chant ‘ॐषण्मुखायनमः’ mantra.
Make a portrait of Karwa with rice and water, light a lamp in front of Maa Parvati’s picture
then, listen to the story of Mother Karwa, see the moon and drink water by husband hand, and get blessings of husband and mother-in-law.

Some Remedies for Karwachauth

Some women often complain that her husband does not listen to her. There is some quarrel among themselves. Let us do some remedies in this Karwachauth, which can make your married life happy.

  • Take the leaf of a banyan tree, write your husband’s name on it with sandalwood, hit your husband’s head 9  times, and throw it in the running water, doing so will remove mutual discord.
  • On the day of Karwachauth, take a red clean cloth, write your name and your husband’s name, put some grains of mustard in it and keep Gomti Chakra and keep that bundle hidden in your cupboard. Then the next year let the bundle flow into a river.

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